Can you believe the end of Summer is quickly approaching? Below you will find 10 end of Summer activities to do with your family.

End Of Summer Fun:

1.Host a potluck picnic. Gather friends and family and have everyone bring a dish that they prepared with their kids. Add music and games for a full day of excitement and good food.

2.Plan a family field day. Pick all of your family’s favorite sports, get outside and play!

3. Purchase a family package at a local water park or amusement park.

4. Sometimes life can be so hectic that we don’t even notice the beauty around us. Spend a day with the kids walking around your very own neighborhood and taking notice of all the lovely things it has to offer.

5. Have a family movie marathon; all movies, all day. Everyone picks their favorite movie to watch and you share some snacks and some quality time!

6. Get together with your neighbors and plan a block party.

7. Enjoy a day with no electronics. No cell phones, TV or video games. Take the time to talk and enjoy this special time with your family with no distractions.

8. Go camping at a local camp ground, or for an even more frugal option, camp out in your own backyard.

9. Have a backyard bowling tournament. Use empty containers for pins and a ball to roll and set up your bowling alley in the backyard or driveway.

10. Set up some arts and crafts supplies in the backyard, get creative and later have an outdoor gallery to display the kid’s masterpieces.

Staying close to home doesn’t have to be boring. Please try a few of our end of summer ideas to enjoy some fun, frugal family fun.

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