The Best Method: Carpet Molds No More!

Admit it or not, a house with carpets is more visually pleasing to the eyes. It gives the impression of being classy, fashionable and trendy. Home improvement always includes having carpets in their list of suggestions, right? As a homeowner, it is completely understandable if you want to have carpets inside your home. But making your house more beautiful also comes with added responsibility. From cleaning to maintenance, you should know the basic things such as how to keep your carpets clean and how to protect them from damaging threats such as molds.

Carpet Mold

As they say, the best method to prevent molds from attacking your carpets is not to give them growth chance at all. So before anything else happens, here are some proven ways to prevent molds from growing in the first place.

  • Alleviate the conditions of your home, both indoors and outdoors. But first, test the indoor humidity levels. With the help of dehumidifier tools, you can control the percentage of your household natural moisture down to 50%.
  • Do not install carpets in parts of the house that are vulnerable to flooding or water intrusion. These areas are mostly the lower levels of your home such as the basement. And of course, common sense, never install carpets in your kitchen and bathroom. In case flooding occurred, all affected areas must be immediately dried and cleaned.
  • Before carpet installation, make sure that the sub-flooring is completely dried.
  • Schedule a regular cleaning routine for your carpets. Remember, you need to look not only at the bottom of your carpets or padding, but as well as the surface.
  • If worse comes to worst and a part of your carpet was ruined by spills, moisture or flood, the best way is to cut the affected parts if you can’t replace it right away. But if majority of the carpet was affected, replacement is the best solution.

A single drop of water can spread along the fibers of your carpet quickly. That’s why threats like overflowing kitchen sinks, leaky roofs, and improper floor cleaning and washing of your carpets must also be looked upon. Keep in mind that molds can cause severe health symptoms such as lung infections, headache, nausea, flu like symptoms and lightheadedness. Molds should be one of the most unwelcomed visitors in your home. Better be safe than sorry with these simple prevention tips!

If mold growth has already invaded your home and is causing you headaches and troubles, you can always contact Fun Guy Inspection at 818-674-7541.

How to reduce mold spores and allergens in your home

How to reduce mold spores and allergens in your home . .


Learn How To Get Rid Of Mold Spores In Your Home And Decrease Allergies

At Fun Guy Inspections, we believe in taking the proactive approach when it comes to keeping your home safe from common dust mites, allergens, and mold spores that take place as a result of water damage. Safeguarding your home from these particles and spores is a very important responsibility for those that suffer with increased allergies, or asthma.  Those who do not take indoor air quality  seriously are placing themselves and their loved ones at risk.  reduce mold spores

  1. Using a Hypoallergenic Vacuum

Part of reducing mold spores and allergens from your carpeting is not an easy task and not one that can typically be done by hand. Your furniture fabric is also highly susceptible to the presence of particles, allergens, dust mites, and mold spores. Fortunately, a HEPA vacuum (also known as a hypoallergenic vacuum) can serve as the perfect solution.

  1. Using an Hypoallergenic Air Filter

In addition to vacuuming, a homeowner can also install a hypoallergenic air filter to reduce the amount of pollutants that freely circulate through the air. HEPA air filters (which means high efficiency particulate arrest) forces the air supply in your home through a fine mesh filter that is designed to trap all of the harmful allergens that typically float around unabated.

  1. Consider a Mold Inspection

If neither of the aforementioned methods work as hoped, it is time to contact the good people at for more information. In all likelihood, you will be in need of a mold inspection, as well as an air quality test.  We can determine if you need to reduce the mold spores and allergens in your home after testing.  reduce mold spores

  1. Mold Testing

When it comes time to conduct the mold and allergen testing, this process is completed when you allow our experts to take samples of the air inside your home. In order to make an accurate reading, we also take a sample of the air outside, in order to compare them on a side by side basis.

Certified mold inspectors can then let you know what their determinations are and whether your home and its occupants are at risk. If the levels are higher than recommended, you and your family may be at risk of mold exposure.

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The common reasons of Bathroom Mold

Remove Bathroom MoldMold is very common to found in bathroom. The main reason of this is, there’s a lot of water and humidity. That’s why bathroom’s wall and floor getting mold day by day. There is multi way in a bathroom where water can run frequently, such as basin, the bathtub and the shower. For this cause, these are creating wet surfaces and puddles of water in everywhere. If you don’t dry this moisture out quickly it can easily lead to mold growth.
Mold could be a apart of the natural setting. Outdoors, molds play a locality in nature by breaking down dead organic matter like fallen leaves and dead trees, however inside, mold growth ought to be avoided. Molds reproduce by means that of little spores; the spores area unit invisible to the oculus and float through outside and indoor air. Mold might begin growing inside once mold spores land on surfaces that area unit wet. There area unit many sorts of mold, and none of them can grow while not water or wet. (more…)