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black mold on the inside of bedroom
Insulation Mold?
Picture a room in an older home located in Beverly Hills.  Behind the kids furniture, the mold inspection found mold on the interior walls.  Limited air flow and a lack of insulation created extreme mold conditions.
Mold observed above the plastic shower stall.
Shower Mold
You see it every day, over splash around a bathroom shower is very common.  Sinks, showers, toilets and bath tubs are a source of water.  Swab samples were used by the mold inspector to collect mold spores from the surface of the drywall during the mold inspection.

Water damage was observed on the ceiling after fireman responded to a fire upstairs.
Water damage, After a Fire
Water is the likely to flow down into adjacent the condo units below after a fire.  Extreme saturation of the building materials indicated the potential for mold growth during the mold inspection.  Mold Remediation followed after the Primary Mold Inspection was completed.

Room addition Mold
Room additions add value to a property.  This mold inspection revealed improper construction resulting in a construction defect,  allowing moisture to penetrate the building envelope and mold to grow indoors.  

Bathroom Mold
Bathroom tubs and showers are a red flag that can lead directly to amplified areas of fungal growth.  Access panels located behind a tub should be inspected by your mold inspection company.  12-8-10

Ceiling Mold
Samples for fungi can be taken in almost any location or your property during a mold inspection.  Roof leaks can often result in a moldy ceiling if not tended to immediately. A full inspection of the building should occur.

Remodeled Bathroom Mold
Exterior indicators can point inspectors in the correct location during a mold inspection.  Excess moisture was found behind this wall.  A tub was converted into a shower to a height of 5'.  Mold growth was confirmed on the building interior.

Faulty Plumbing Mold
Interior drain lines and water supply lines can cause fungal growth reservoirs within your home. Mold Inspection 08-18-07

Brown Mold
 Mold growth comes in many shapes and sizes.  This small discoloration on the wall, observed during a mold inspection, resulted in Penicillium and Aspergillus mold spore types. 
Mold growth conditions were favored by excessive moisture.