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These pictures are taken from recent job sites.


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Skylight Mold
Over time moisture and rain can easily penetrate the surrounding seals of a skylight.  Check these at regular intervals. 

Furniture Mold
The clients called because their carpet felt wet under their feet.  Small colonies of fungi were found between the desk and bookshelf.  The mold growth continued around the room.

Ceiling Mold
Small clustering patches of fungi are found growing in the corner of the ceiling.  Roof inspections should be conducted bi yearly.  In this case, the roof leaked in many different areas.

Air Conditioning Mold
The moisture originated from the hallway Air Conditioner indicating that the evaporative drain line was clogged and needed cleaning.

Wall Mold
This peeling paint indicated a primary source of moisture intrusion.  Visible mold was not confirmed on the surface.  Sampled 03-22-07.

Window Mold
At times, mold can grow in areas that we use everyday.  Under the bottom portion of this window a small colony of fungi is growing along the ledge. 

Mold Moisture Testing
Confirming that the moisture in this area is well above normal /acceptable standards within the drywall.  Moisture is necessary for mold growth.

Outdoor Mold Planters
The exterior of this building's drain allowed gallons of water to penetrate the interior living quarters.  Outdoors planters should be inspected yearly.

Industrial Mold
A negative air unit sits in a industrial warehouse circulating air before a post remediation sampling.  02-28-07