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Mold Inspection & Testing


toxic mold removalFun Guy Inspection & Consulting LLC does not remove mold and always recommends specialist remove the mold and clean the affected areas of the building or structure. Certified Mold Removal Specialist>>>. Call 888.470.0470

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Moisture Testing – Water Damaged Building Materials

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During a mold inspection, a mold inspector will determine if drywall and other building materials are holding moisture, with potential for mold to grow. Knowledge of a recent flood or previous water event is an important factor in determining remedial strategies or a Mold Inspection-Testing hypothesis. The history of a building is a critical piece of information that can help isolate a potential mold problem. Indoor contaminants caused by damp and humid conditions should be repaired by a licensed, bonded and insured specialty mold remediation company. Water Damage? Mold Problems? Free Mold Quote! Call 888.470.0470

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Mold Inspection & Samples – Air / Bulk Environmental Testing

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¬†During your Mold Inspection, Mold samples can help determine a “snap shot” of your indoor environment. Air samples for Mold spores can be taken from your indoor environment and can help Fun Guy Mold Inspection & Consulting LLC detect and confirm suspect mold growth conditions. Physical mold samples including bulk mold samples, tape lift mold samples and swab mold samples, all can be taken by a mold inspector at the time of your mold investigation. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has limited information on Permissible Exposure Limits PELs to biological contaminants within residential structures. Fun Guy Inspection & Consulting LLC uses EMLab, an AIHA (American Industrial Hygiene Association) accredited laboratory for all microbial analysis. Mold samples taken with Air-O-Cell cassettes can help determine if mold spore concentrations are normal or elevated within indoor environments. Call Today to learn more 888.470.0470

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Residential Mold Inspection,Los Angeles,CA
The process of inspecting for mold will help identify the extent of water damage, areas with visible mold growth and a plan for restoration.
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Commercial Mold Inspections San Diego, CA
Commercial mold inspections can be conducted after moisture intrusion, prior to a new tenant move in or during the sale of a commercial property.
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