NASA: Black mold delays ISS resupply mission

NASA: Black mold delays ISS resupply mission

In an official statement, NASA confirmed that black mold has delayed the ISS resupply mission. Presently the US space agency is working on identifying the reason behind the black mold, however, the proof they possesses so far has pointed towards Florida’s high humidity levels.

It noticed the black mold on the packing bags that were supposed to be sent to the ISS. The supplies marked the fifth resupply mission using the Orbital ATK.

Dan Hout, official spokesperson for NASA, said that the delay won’t be longer than 14 days. As per Hout, the agency is looking forward to ensure that the entire black mold has been removed and the equipment has been sterilized, prior to sending the craft to the Space Station.

The space agency wants to ensure that all of the mold traces have been removed from the equipment as the fungi can put the health of the astronauts in danger that are presently on the International Space Station. It also wants to ensure that such a problem doesn’t appear again.

NASA has to keep the spores as they have marked the first time in the agency’s history when they had to deal with this type of infestation. Besides, this is also the first time when NASA has to unload cargo for a transporter to be sterilized. However, at least, the circumstances were extraordinary.

Though the delay is of only 14 days, the agency official has no idea at present about how much the incident has affected the SpaceX planned cargo resupply run.

Granada Hills Residents say something Stinks – Air Quality

Los Angeles Air Quality Problems and Indoor Odors - Indoor Environmental ConcernsResidents in the north end of the San Fernando Valley have realized that something stinks and its not just their trash cans.  Sources indicate that the AQMD – Air Quality Management District has already been notified by homeowners that gasses and odors persist within their community.  In a last ditch effort to gain some recognition the residents have filed a lawsuit against the Sunshine Canyon landfill.

“This is one of the most significant environmental problems in Los Angeles,” said Deputy City Attorney William Carter, who says their independent research shows there are “significant odor problems.”

The South Coast Air Management district has already slapped more than $450,000 in fines on the smelly landfill to pay for research, gather information and hopefully improve air quality.  On most days homeowners and occupants notice a smell outdoors and sometimes even indoors.  “Republic is making progress in addressing the main cause of the odor – landfill gas – by increasing the volume of the gas captured by its trash system, Atwood said. That mandate was sought by AQMD.”

The AQMD says they aren’t “aware of any criminal conduct on the part of landfill operators,” but that there’s nothing stopping the city from pursuing civil charges.

As on of the largest dumps in the country, Sunshine Canyon was formed in 2009 from two landfills–one within the Los Angeles city limits and one under the county’s jurisdiction–merged operations. Sunshine Canyon takes in 9,000 tons of garbage each day.”  LA Curbed

It is a great to see the community coming together to face a common goal and effectively work with each other, the city attorney, and the air quality management district to curb air quality problems.

Fun Guy Mold Inspection and Consulting LLC provided several mold inspections on homes with similar complaints from the homeowners, “indicating a smell could be identified and lingered from time to time.”S. Daughtry  Indoor air quality problems and odors can be created from water damage and mold.  Although minor moisture damage was observed during these mold inspections (within some of the homes) no major mold problems were detected.

Continual maintenance of your home can prevent common indoor air quality problems by reducing indoor allergens, dust bunnies and more.

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