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Lab Chain of Custody Form.
PDF # 1
Em Lab COC
Em Lab Chain of Custody Form.  PDF file.  This file is used when samples are submitted to the laboratory.

Lab Chain of Custody Form.
PDF # 2
Clayton Lab COC
Clayton Lab Chain of Custody Form. PDF File.

Sample report
PDF #4
Real Estate Mold an water Intrusion and Disclosure Agreement
There has been a great deal of publicity regarding the existence of mold (fungus) in homes, apartments and commercial buildings.

Sample report
PDF #5
Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings
Guidelines for mold remediation after fresh water intrusion.

Sample report
PDF #6
ICSAFE Remediation Protocols
Mold is caused when microscopic spores land on damp surfaces.

Sample report
PDF #7
Mold Guidelines - II
City of Los Angeles.

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