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How To Get Rid Of Mold Spores In Your Home And Decrease Allergies

At Fun Guy Inspections, we believe in taking the proactive approach when it comes to keeping your home safe from common dust mites, allergens, and mold spores that take place as a result of water damage.

Safeguarding your home from these particles and spores is a very important responsibility for those that suffer with increased allergies, or asthma.  Those who do not take indoor air quality  seriously are placing themselves and their loved ones at risk. Thanks to this helpful how to Fun Guy Mold guide, you can rid of your home of airborne allergens, particulates, toxins, and decrease the amount of allergic reactions that you experience as a result. Read on to learn more about the best ways to keep your home free of mold spores and maintain the health and safety of your loved ones.

What a homeowner can do to reduce indoor allergens . . .

1.  Using a Hypoallergenic Vacuum

Removing particles, allergens, and mold spores from your carpeting is not an easy task and not one that can typically be done by hand. Your furniture fabric is also highly susceptible to the presence of particles, allergens, dust mites, and mold spores. Fortunately, a HEPA vacuum (also known as a hypoallergenic vacuum) can serve as the perfect solution.

how to remove mold spores from youre home with a vacuum

These vacuums are especially useful, since they are able to trap all of the aforementioned irritants and pollutants within the system. A successful HEPA vacuum can remove a significant portion of the allergens that are currently on the surface of porous materials, providing homeowners with much needed relief. A garden variety vacuum cleaner cannot be used in the same manner, as most of the targeted spores and particles are far too small to be contained within a normal vacuum’s system. When homeowners attempt to cheap out and use a conventional vacuum for the job, all of the particles that they are picking up are released right back into the environment, along with the exhaust air. To properly remove mold spores and other allergens, a hypoallergenic vacuum is the best way to begin the process and ensure the necessary results. However, they should not be considered the be all end all when it comes to remedying the problem, as they can also release a small portion of allergens back into the air, as well.

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2.  Using a Hypoallergenic air filter

In addition to vacuuming, a homeowner can also install a hypoallergenic air filter to reduce the amount of pollutants that freely circulate through the air. HEPA air filters (which means high efficiency particulate arrest) forces the air supply in your home through a fine mesh filter that is designed to trap all of the harmful allergens that typically float around unabated.HEPA Air filters that remove mold spores from your home

Are you concerned about indoor air quality?

3.  Consider a Mold Inspection

If neither of the aforementioned methods work as hoped, it is time to contact the good people at for more information. In all likelihood, you will be in need of a mold inspection, as well as an air quality test. Our certified mold inspectors are highly trained and able to isolate any issues that you might be experiencing. Checking for water damages, conducting mold inspections, taking asbestos surveys, performing lead tests and inspecting your real estate are just a few of the services that we are able to mold testing companies

FunGuy Inspections has the answers!

4.  Mold Testing

When it comes time to conduct the mold and allergen testing, this process is completed when you allow our experts to take samples of the air inside your home. In order to make an accurate reading, we also take a sample of the air outside, in order to compare them on a side by side basis. Certified mold inspectors can then let you know what their determinations are and whether your home and its occupants are at risk. If the levels are higher than recommended, you and your family may be at risk of mold exposure. best mold testing companies

Analysis can be completed within a 24 hour period, so there is no excuse for any further delay. Take the necessary steps to protect your family today!

how to reduce mold in your home