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How Mold can live in your air conditioning and how to clean it

Unfortunately, there are some cases of air conditioning systems containing mold spores and full mold growth. This situation is often rare, but it can be very dangerous. Black mold can be toxic and it is a very serious health concern if this is flowing through your home or office via the air conditioning system. Some air conditioning systems contain air filters that have different filtration levels that can help to stop mold for entering the air in your home, or to at least stop it from moving around. Whether you have one of these systems or not, it is still important to make sure that you are aware that this problem could happen to you, and to know what to do if you notice mold in your air conditioning system or filters.

If you discover mold

If you discover that there is mold in your air conditioning system the EPA recommends that you remove the areas where you can see the mold. Often it is helpful to hire a professional to do this because it can be a little dangerous. Some ways that you can help to prevent this from happening in the future are simple. First you should practice regular moisture prevention by fixing any leaking plumbing and other issues that could create an environment for mold to grow in. You can also try to remedy the water source so that mold cannot grow. But if there is already mold present it is wise to clean your air ducts and make sure that you take proper precautions to preserve your health by wearing face masks and eye protection.

Cleaning Mold

If you think that your entire air conditioning system has been affected, cleaning all of the ducts is the appropriate course of action. This will make sure that the problem is thoroughly taken care of. Mold in your air conditioning system is a serious problem that is not to be taken lightly. It is something that can drastically affect your health and the health of anyone who has to inhabit that space. Be cautious to look for mold whenever possible and change your air filters frequently so that if there is mold, especially toxic mold, you can catch it before it spreads throughout your entire system. This will save you time and money in the long run and make sure that you and your loved ones are staying as healthy as possible.

Moisture in your system

The air conditioning system within your home actually pulls moisture from the air  and it collects on coils and then is captured in an area called a drip pan.  The drip pan of of your air conditioning system may build up bacteria and sometimes mold if the drain backs up.  As more water is received in the drip pan, overflowing may occur and cause musty odors, water damage, and even moldy building materials.

Mold in AC Ducts

Our air conditioning ducts constantly move air, dust, and mold spores around our home.  Pleated (3M), electrostatic, & HEPA filters all prevent mold spores and dust from entering our air conditioning systems.  It is very rare that mold growth may begin on the AC ducts within your home.  Although, it is possible that mold spores may be passed through the system when it is turned on.

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