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Leaking pipes and broken drain lines are problems that plumbers fix everyday in homes and businesses located throughout Los Angeles. Some plumbing repairs and new plumbing upgrades, such as re-piping, involve additional drywall cuts into the walls, ceiling and sometimes floors.  Disturbing these building materials can cause unwanted dust and debris to contaminate the immediate area and beyond.  Cross contamination of the environment is a real concern and should be prevented at all costs.

Call Before You Cut

Buildings constructed before and even those built after 1977 may have asbestos in the building materials.

Asbestos fibers are usually not released in materials that are in excellent condition and have not been disturbed. Thus, asbestos is released once the material is disturbed or damaged due to water intrusion, fires, natural disasters, or other events. People cannot easily identify the existence of asbestos in a material just by looking at it.   Laboratory analysis or asbestos testing is necessary to determine if building materials contain asbestos Some buildings must be regularly inspected or monitored to determine the extent of damage, presence of asbestos, and its current present condition.

Test First, Cut Later . . .

For plumbers who find asbestos-containing or damaged materials, plumbers recommend that they should not disturb them until a professional asbestos survey or asbestos test is completed. Liability can be extended to the building professional that last touched the materials, added a fan to dry them out, or left a debris trail from the worksite to the front door Once a plumber disrupts asbestos, the possibility of releasing fibers becomes a real problem.

Personal Protection

In recent research, epidemiological data implies a substantial risk of exposure to asbestos to maintenance personnel, such as plumbers, who can interrupt asbestos due to their nature of work. In addition, it is found out that plumbers who are working in specific areas that had actually been exposed to asbestos just before the beginning of their job hinted that poor clean-up, removal, and clearance routine suggests a huge possibility of plumbers being exposed to asbestos.

Asbestos Inspection & Testing in Los Angeles

Employing the services of an asbestos inspection company allows plumbers to prevent exposure from disturbing asbestos when cutting into walls or ceilings. The possibilities of asbestos exposure will occur depending upon the situation. Once plumbers disturb asbestos without properly handling it, it becomes a problem. Only trained and experienced people can handle asbestos. Often, they offer services such as asbestos removal/ abatement professionals.

Asbestos test for plumbers in Los Angeles
Asbestos test for plumbers in Los Angeles

There is one company in Los Angeles that offers asbestos inspections and asbestos testing. These can help plumbers and other building professionals make their job safe. Calling Fun Guy Inspection and Consulting before cutting into the building materials can help. This will protect you, your employees, and your clients from possible asbestos exposure. Call Fun Guy today at 818-674-7541.