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I will always be glad that we hired Fun Guy to perform a mold inspection on the house we were in the process of buying. The seller did not previously disclose the presence of mold even though he mentioned past flooding. Fun Guy did a mold check and it came back positive for mold. Needless to say, this type of information was invaluable in determining whether or not to buy the house. I recommend that every homebuyer have a mold inspection done before closing escrow. Fun Guy was punctual, reliable, honest and professional. He saved my family thousands and thousands of $$$!!! Signed…Max

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Real Estate Mold Inspection

Are you Buying or Selling a piece of real estate with mold growth seen in the kitchen or bathroom? Often wonder what to do next? Don’t wait for a mold problem to fix itself.

Call Fun Guy Consultants today! Our Professional Mold Inspectors can provide expert answers and practical solutions in your time of need.


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Robert from Fun Guy is your secret weapon when you are questioning if your building maybe sick from water damage, mold, lead, asbestos or other environmental factors. We inspect apartments, condos, million dollar homes, commercial and hospital facilities in Los Angeles, San Diego and Ventura Counties.



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Attention all Realtors: Have you been looking around your client’s property and noticed water intrusion or mold growth? Has your bank required a mold inspection on Real Estate Owned listing? Real estate mold growth maybe a possibility after water intrusion occurs. Have your client’s home or office tested for mold now! Receive a complete Fun Guy Mold Report today!


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Calling all LOAN Officers,BANKS & Short Sales

Calling all Bank Special Asset Personnel, Call us today to receive a home mold inspection and mold remediation bid on your REO. Our residential mold specialist can work with your local Realtor or real estate company to satisfy your requirements. Contact Fun Guy Consulting LLC for a Free home inspection Quote on any Property in your bank’s Real Estate portfolio. “A Mold Inspection is an investment in your building’s future.”

Real Real Estate Home Inspections Los Angeles

Don’t buy a home with existing mold problems. This could greatly reduce the value of your property, subject your family to health problems, force you to incur huge clean up costs, and make your home tough to insure or sell in the future.

Real Estate Water intrusion and mold disclosure act was introduced to inform potential buyers about the last 7 years of a building’s history.

There are many different causes that may contribute to water problems in the home. Long or short term water intrusion will lead to mold growth. If you have experienced mold growth or suspect likely conditions, call us immediately

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People exposed to black and toxic mold have reported many symptoms, including, but not limited to:

* Headaches *Wheezing *Nose Bleeds *Fatigue *Memory Loss *Stuffy Noses *Sore Eyes *Dizziness *Sore Throat *Coughing *Sneezing *Respiratory Ailments *Asthma *Skin Irritations *Breathlessness *Runny Nose *Hoarseness *Inflammation of the Sinuses *Blurred Vision *Burning Eyes *Dry Cough

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