Bacteria Testing

It is a prime concern for Indoor Environmental Professionals addressing the possibility of Bacterial Contamination in a flooding, sewage back up or broken pipe. Determining if sewage contamination has occurred is a prime public health concern. Some of the potentially harm organism are E.Coli, Shigella, and Salmonella. As these organism are usually found in low numbers in sewage, other more common types of bacteria have been used as primary indicators. In the past, those organisms are typically coliforms and tota fecal coliforms. These samples were originally used to test clean water samples and are now used to test for bacterial contamination.

Bacteria Confirmation

Coliform test is one of the first methods of Bacteria Testing which is  used to detect the presence of members of the coliform group. The coliform group includes E.Coli, Salmonella and Shigella. The coliform group include similar characteristics such as aerobic, or facultative anaerobic, non-spore forming, rod shaped, lactose tolerant. This group is naturally occurring in the guts of many mammals and little significance as a fecal indicator – sometimes causing a false positive in the tests.

Bacteria Testing

  • Fun Guy can examine the building structure for fecal contamination & moisture.
  • Bulk sampling of potentially contaminated materials within the flood-water damaged zones.
  • Fun Guy will determine areas impacted by bacterial contamination.
  • Fun Guy can recommend protocols for abatement/remediation companies to follow.
  • Fun Guy will can conduct final clearance bacteria testing to determine if bacterial contamination has been removed.

E.Coli Testing

E.Coli has been used for Bacterial Test as a very specific indicator in fecal or sewage contamination. Advances in testing for E.Coli have made it one the primary indicators in determining fecal contamination. The test does have limitations, E.Coli is found naturally occuring in soils and the tests are not 100% accurate. The test for entercacci, group entercaccus was soon developed thereafter.

Fecal Coliforms

Fecal Coliform test has been developed to determine if fecal or sewage contamination is present. This group of organisms grow and multiply at 44.5c and ferment lactose producing acid production. This group may include E.Coli, Entrobacteria, Citrobacter, and Klebsiella. Results for this test should be interpreted with caution, as a false result can be triggered by plant materials.

Testing/Cleaning Bacteria

Fun Guy Inspections can confirm the presence or absence of bacteria in your home following a black water or category 3 water intrusion.  Professionals use the standards dictated by the IICRC s500 to properly clean bacteria from the surface of the building materials. Often, anti microbial solutions are used to disinfect materials that can not be removed.

Screen for E.Coli and harmful bacteria