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Fun Guy Inspections los angeles water damage caused by rain

Building Inspections | Los Angeles, CA

Fun Guy Inspections specializes in Residential, Commercial, multi-family, Hospital, and Industrial Building Inspections all throughout the Los Angeles, San Diego and Ventura Counties.  As a Building Inspection Service, Fun Guy Inspections can conduct the inspection, acquire samples, write building reports, and provide information about repairs or remediation

Water Damage Inspections

Water Damage Inspections are a very specific type of building inspection.  Locating areas of water damage can provide your building with the strength and ability to resist the elements of time.  These type of Building inspections can be conducted on any type of building or structure, including but nor limited to apartments, condominiums, homes, offices, hospitals, and industrial warehouses.  Water Damage Building Inspection Reports can be generated after a isolated water intrusion event or to help identify historic water intrusion.

Mold Inspections

Mold Inspections can be conducted by a certified mold inspector in any type of building or structure, including but not limited to apartments, condominiums, Homes, Offices, Hospitals and Industrial Warehouses.  A Mold inspection in your building will help identify areas of water damage, types of mold growth, amount of mold growth, and affected areas.

Lead Inspections

Lead Inspections include two common types of comprehensive evaluations including a HUD based inspection or a LEAD Hazard Evaluation.  Lead paint has been known to be circulated within the United States until 1985 and may have been applied on structures until the late 1980’s.

Asbestos Inspections

Asbestos Inspections should be completed on buildings and structures that have been built or assembled before 1979.  Asbestos fibers can be present in drywall, joint compounds, tiles, mastic and more.  Asbestos lab analysis can be turned around within 6-8 hours.

Real Estate Inspection

Real Estate Inspections can help identify areas  of concern before or after you purchase a home.  In a Real estate inspections your inspector will observe, investigate, and report suspicious conditions shortly after the inspection.  A formal mold report will follow within 1-3 business days

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Fun Guy Inspections Thousand Oaks water damage caused by rain


Do you think that mold is a fairy tale or some type of myth? Think again.  The local establishment you rent, maybe full of mold.  This was an air bnb in Los Angeles for rent.  The new property owner asked Fun Guy Inspections for a mold inspection 

Mold Inspection Los Angeles Reviews

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FAQ #7 Does Mold Die? Can I kill Black Mold in my Home?

FAQ #1 How Do I Know if I Have Toxic Black Mold in My Home or Office Building

FAQ #3 Health Effects of Mold

Water Damage formed Mold in Westlake Village

Water damage formed Mold in Westlake Village, CA
In this local home, our mold inspector found more . . .

than a handful of mold colonies growing on the drywall.

Mold Remediation Inspection | Los Angeles, CA

If we Found mold Here, We’ll Find it Anywhere

One of the ways a mold inspector will look behind your walls.  In the view of the mirror, hidden mold growth was discovered by the certified mold inspector.  Our inspector relayed to the restoration company the need for additional mold remediation. [wpforms id=”52″]    

Detecting moisture in the wall |Santa Monica, CA

This moisture meter indicates above normal moisture conditions for this type of porous building material (drywall).  The black color along the base of the wall was sampled by the mold inspector and positive for mold growth.  Sampling for mold and testing for moisture in the building materials

Yuck! Bacteria and mold growth are spreading | Moorpark, CA