Lead Test Updates

The new EPA lead regulation, Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (RRP), becomes effective April 22, 2010 which requires building professionals to become “Certified Renovators”. The regulations apply to all contractors, property managers and other building professionals who disturb painted surfaces while conducting plumbing, electrical, painting, drywall, flooring, window replacement, landscaping, construction, renovation, remodeling and demolition work. The rule applies to work that disturbs painted surfaces in residential houses, apartments, condominiums, day care facilities and schools built prior to 1978.

Certified Lead Renovators in Los Angeles

Firms performing lead renovation or removal must have one or more “Certified Renovators” present at the job site where known or suspected lead-based paint is disturbed. Furthermore, all renovation workers must be trained in the use of lead-safe practices. Fines for violation can be up to $37,500 per occurrence.

Lead Testing

If you renovate or repair a home considered to be within the “target housing” (built before 1978) or are considering painting a home with LEAD based paint, FunGuy Inspection & Consulting LLC encourages you to call today! The extra pound of precaution could be worth a lifetime of happiness.A LEAD hazard evaluation or HUD Home LEAD Inspection in Los Angeles can be performed at your home or condo.

Lead Standard

The Standard requires employers to do at least four things on every job: 1. Provide hand washing facilities 2. Use HEPA vacuum (no shopvacs are allowed) 3. Train employees about lead 4. Notify employees in writing about results of blood tests within 5 days

Cal/OSHA Trigger Tasks

Trigger Tasks include: sanding, scraping, manual demolition, heat gun applications, power tool cleaning, spray painting with lead, use of lead-containing mortar, lead burning, rivet busting, cleanup of dry expendable abrasives, abrasive blasting, welding, cutting or torch burningWhy Test for Lead?

LEAD in paint can LEAD to permanent health effects in small children and poison healthy adults. LEAD poisoning can occur if LEAD paint is loose and chipping, or faded and worn in any area of your home.