This cool technology has been created to connect smart homeowners to their smart buildings.  With wireless routers, digital information and bluetooth technology many steps are now being taken to fully automate the home and provide information in the this digital age.


The display window is some of the new innovative technology available and on the market today.


Imagine a window that detects and displays temperature, time, humidity and more into the surface of the glass.


Homeowners can now view digital information at the flip of a switch.  Smart Windows can now be controlled by the wireless technology in your iPhone or iPad.  The design is simple and really isn’t that complicated.


The smart window has also been incorporated into the front door of a refrigerator.  This allows the homeowner to view the temperature
buildings, future-refrigerator-door-panels-with-temperature-display_home-goodsand other important ambient features on the surface of the glass without opening the door and wasting energy.


The smart window isn’t for everybody.  Although, the unique design allows a digital homeowner the ability to monitor and evaluate conditions with ease.


Fun Guy Inspections.com could see the benefit of such a smart windows in a home or commercial office setting.   Factors including humidity and CO2 levels could become an integral factor in occupant comfort.


Humidity is a common cause of mold growth inside your home.  Levels of humidity increase when occupants shower, cook and occupy the areas.  A smart window indicating an increase in humidity could translate into an efficient method of mold prevention.


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