Los Angeles | CA

UCLA Health System announced last week it had developed a free smartphone app that can display air quality, allowing individuals to determine the best time to exercise and when to stay indoors. “I depend on the AirForU app now, and I use it every time I plan on running,” LA resident and app tester Yareli Sanchez said. “The app is really convenient for helping me manage my asthma and minimize my exposure to pollution.” The free app can be used on iPhones and Androids. It delivers local air-quality measurements directly to the user’s phone and displays real-time updates.

The app provides a six-level air quality measurement scale, from good to hazardous. Separate tabs give information regarding how to respond (e.g., “reduce outdoor exertion”), the locations of large manufacturing facilities emitting toxic chemicals nearby and frequently asked questions. Research has shown that poor air quality disproportionately affects asthmatics, heart and lung disease patients, pregnant women, young children and the elderly.

The AirForU app is available at this link.