Sneezing Pollen Allergy Away!

It is a beautiful day and you decided to talk a walk outside. Yet, suddenly you feel stuffed up, your nose gets itchy and your eyes are watery. You thought it was just a temporary feeling or maybe the beginning of a cold.  Without realizing you just were exposed to the pollens, molds and allergens from the outdoors. Making your day drag on and feel as if you were in a bubble under water.

Getting to know these little allergens . . .

Described as very fine powder produced from trees, flowers and some weeds, pollen happened to receive sundry responses from people clearly unnoticing they are always inhaled. Apparently, with people identified as having pollen allergies, their immune system is triggered from what once was considered as “harmless” pollen. Pollen reactions usually ranges from mild, truly irritating to the life-threatening case.

“Hay fever” is another term referring to pollen allergy. Experts, however, uses the term “seasonal allergic rhinitis” describing how plants release pollen every spring, summer, and fall. 

Allergy and mold testing in Los Angeles

Preventing these pollen intruders

De-stressing the system from pollen allergies can include:

1.    Drying clothes in clothes dryer rather than an outdoor clothing line

2.    Limiting outdoor activities especially on seasons when pollen count is high

3.    Washing of beddings once in a week

4.    Wearing mask, or sunglasses to protect oneself from pollen

5.    Washing of used clothes from outdoor activities

Defending your body from pollen allergies

People taking medications from pollen allergy were described as not getting full relief even after undergoing such. However, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America cited below some of the prescribed medicines in an attempt to counter pollen allergies:

A.    Decongestants

–    Decongestants include pills, liquid nasal drops or even sprays. These help the person relieve from nasal dampness and the feeling of stuffiness.

B.    Antihistamines

–    Antihistamine takes the same form as decongestants. It is commonly used to relieve from constant itching of the nose and eyes.

C.    Allergy Shots, Subcutaneous Immunotherapy (SCIT)

–    SCIT is considered a long-lasting reliever from any kind of allergies which include allergy from pollen. These basically come with a series of shots containing a large amount of allergen. People taking such depicted how SCIT gave them complete relief from one to three years of using it.

D.    Sublingual Immunotherapy

–    Sublingual Immunotherapy involves a process of placing a tablet under the tongue, giving it enough time to melt before swallowing it. It is also a recommended alternative for allergy shots or the SCIT.

Inhaling the pollen-free air

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Consider an indoor air quality evaluation by a professional. Fun Guy Inspections can also offer suggestions that will help reduce indoor particulates and increase filtering of these allergy triggers.

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