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My wife and I moved into our new home when we found that we had baseboards that were very soft to the touch and bathroom door frames with swollen bases. We started to get paranoid thinking that these are signs of undisclosed water damage.Then we hired FunGuy!
John C.

Gelndale, CA

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Simply put, Robert and Fun Guy are the best.  Not just as an inspection company, but as a customer service and scientific consulting company that have the best customer service, bar none.  I’m a mechanical engineer and my wife is a research molecular biologist, so we’d typically be pretty informed customers in this segment.
Richard B.


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Simply put, AMAZING! Excellent customer service, professionalism and knowledge.  This is actually the 2nd time we have had Robert to our house, we were so impressed with him the first time we called him back again,

Agoura, CA

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Robert was fantastic! He explained everything to me that I wanted to know before I gave him the business. He took care of us right away and was very kind! Great job!

Clara W.

Los Angeles, CA

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