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Controlling the Building Environment

Discover how a mold inspection can lead your next bathroom or kitchen remodel to success. After a recent flood, water discharge, rain, or sewage backup mold growth has the potential to grow within 24-48 hours. An important initial step is the mapping of moisture. Thereafter, dehumidification and moisture control of the building materials are assessed regularly. Impacted materials should be removed if moisture levels are not returned to non impacted material moisture levels after 72 hours. Free Mold Quote!

Design Considerations for building assemblies

Below is a summary of moisture movement behavior through building assemblies and strategies to prevent moisture problems. Numerous strategies can be implemented to reduce the amount of moisture into a building structure. 1) control moisture entry 2) control moisture accumulation 3) removal of moisture. These strategies have proven effective and when utilized in combination prove the most effective. For example, moisture assemblies starting off wet, prove to be the most detrimental. Also, construction designs to prevent moisture from entering can also prevent moisture from leaving.

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Moisture movement.

In order to control the moisture levels the method of transport must be understood. Moisture related problems are typically related to one of the following mechanisms of transport. Each mechanism must be dealt with independently during the design and construction phases. * Liquid Flow * Air movement * Vapor diffusion * Capillary suction

These four mechanisms can be controlled through the use of efficient building design and maintenance. Controlling ground water entry has been a full time occupation of builders and designers.

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Tighter building construction

The evolution of building design has led to many different innovations since the 1950’s. The same type of building construction today is twice as tight as its counterpart built a few decades ago. The tighter building construction has led to less air exchange, eliminating drafts to increase efficiency and heat ratings. The lower exchange ratio of fresh outdoor air into the building cavity causes relatively low dilution factors of chemicals, VOCs, radon, and carbon dioxide. Indoor Environmental Issues & the Insurance Industry.

Interior Finishes

Either vapor permeable or vapor impermeable finishes may be used on interior surfaces. Basements that need to have an additional vapor barrier will require a vapor diffusion retarder.

Concrete can be a large source of moisture when initially placed. Covering the surface of the concrete with impermeable substances can lead to moisture retention. The first few months of occupancy detection of moisture levels maybe elevated if proper drying of the building materials ahs not been timed properly.

People exposed to black and toxic mold have reported many symptoms, including, but not limited to:


* Headaches *Wheezing *Nose Bleeds *Fatigue *Memory Loss *Stuffy Noses *Sore Eyes *Dizziness *Sore Throat *Coughing *Sneezing *Respiratory Ailments *Asthma *Skin Irritations *Breathlessness *Runny Nose *Horseness *Inflammation of the Sinuses *Blurred Vision *Burning Eyes *Dry Cough


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