California Lead Safety Enhancement Act of 2016

SB 1073, the California Lead Safety Enhancement Act of 2016

California Lead Safety Enhancement Act of 2016 was recently introduced by Senate Majority Leader Bill Monning (17th Dist). The bill eliminates regulatory confusion regarding certification for lead paint removal by aligning California law with the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Renovation Repair and Painting rule.

Los Angeles Lead Base PaintAs you know, California’s lead laws and the federal RRP complement each other in many ways, but there are differences that make implementing two sets of regulations difficult and confusing.  In addition, there is little enforcement, so that firms who don’t play by the rules have an unfair advantage over those who do.

SB 1073 will help fix these problems.


The bill (one of the sponsors is the California Association of Code Enforcement Officers) does not create any new regulations or fees. Instead, it conforms federal and state regulations to minimize regulatory confusion and encourages state, county and city enforcement while using existing fees to cover costs associated with increased state responsibilities.


Call to Action!
Last week, SB 1073 passed out of the Senate Committee on Environmental Quality.  As it moves forward, it will face many challenges, so expanding the list of supporters is vitally important.

RRP Certified Individuals:  For those of you who complain about the lack of enforcement and the difficulty following both California and RRP regulations, now is your chance to set things right.  A few minutes of your time to add your name to the list of supporters will make a huge difference.

CDPH Certified Individuals  Enforcement of lead safe work practices will benefit both abatement and testing companies, so please add your company to the list of supporters.

Don’t wait, take a few minutes today to express your support for SB 1073, the California Lead Safety Enhancement Act of 2016.


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