A tantalizing clue to why omicron is spreading so quickly

  Omicron is spreading lightning fast. In the U.S., the percentage of cases caused by this new coronavirus variant jumped seven times in just a week, from 0.4% of the total cases sequenced to 2.9%, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates. And it’s already causing

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3 HVAC Measures To Fight COVID-19

If you've already installed UV-C, consider these three strategies proven to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. While UV-C technology carefully specified and installed in institutional and commercial facilities can help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, maintenance and engineering managers also can deploy other measures to fightRead more

LEED for the COVID-19 era is here

  During this pandemic, the simple act of walking into a building can feel like entering a biohazard area. With a virus that’s primarily transmitted through the air, being inside almost any space is a risk. But not all spaces are equally risky. A new verification system

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Deferred Maintenance Complicates COVID-19 Measures

As many schools begin receiving students and staff full-time, they face another challenge. Facility condition is a top priority after its year-long vacancy. Admins focus on this since the health of occupants is crucial. The inspection of schools is exposing a significant hurdle on the path to

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School District Implements IAQ and Coronavirus Safety Measures for Reopening

Joining school districts across the country, the Rocky River City Schools (Ohio) addressed many health and safety measures when opening classrooms, instructional spaces, locker rooms, etc. for the 2020-21 school year.  Along with posting healthcare signs, installing hand sanitizer dispensers in classrooms, securing safe cleaning products, adding

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