CES - Infrared Camera Detects Water Damage and Mold

Thermal Imaging Camera _Flir_When Used by a Local Certified Mold Inspections Specialist This can Locate Water Damage and Mold in Your Home

This type of camera (thermal infrared) will not find mold inside your walls, but it can be used as a very useful tool to assist your local mold inspection specialist by determining areas of moisture intrusion and water damage.

Thermal infrared cameras locate areas with temperature differences.

– Red and white colors indicate warm/hot areas

– Blue and dark colors indicate cool/cold areas

A certified mold inspector will use this device and look for varying heat signals that indicate water damage.  An unusual blue mark could indicate moisture or a leaky pipe in a wall .

“When scanning an interior wall of your home, we (mold inspectors) look for irregular temperature patterns in the camera indicating a possible source of moisture” R.Santanastasio

The Latest in Thermal infrared cameras.  This Flir model T640 is extremely powerful and very ergonomic.  This model was viewed at the latest Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas 2013.   The cameras ability to detect heat, and ultimately differences in heat, translate into areas that your certified mold inspector specialist may use to isolate moisture, water damage and mold inside your walls.  Locating water damage is a mold inspectors special weapon when finding mold within your home.

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