Real estate mold inspection

Mold and water damage can be a common problem in a real estate mold inspection. Since most people renovate, repaint, or replace items in a home before they are ready to sell, we must consider that Mold only grows in the areas where there is excessive humidity or the presence of water damage or water staining. During colder months, condensation occurs in windows which makes Mold grow on them.

Real estate agents:

It might be rare that you ever experience water damage or mold problem in your transaction. Perhaps you might be the agent that finds all the distressed properties. No matter, Fun Guy Inspections is here to help you and your buyers or sellers complete a successful transaction. We’ve all experienced the ‘hick up’ in a transaction, and that could revolve around pest control, geo, sewer, or even water damage and mold. Moreover, our technicians are cultured in helping you procure your sale. We can do this by assisting every client in identifying the potential problem in their home or property.


We’ve all seen the different colors of mold on our bread when it’s left out for too long. Sometimes it is orange, but everybody remembers Black Mold! The words are spoken, and usually, a cringe or shiver follows. FunGuy helps to identify the types of mold that are present during the time of the inspection.

We do this by conducting a comprehensive water damage mold inspection, visual inspection for mold—also, we sometimes destructive testing. Here a certified mold inspector will dwell one step deeper if allowed by your sellers. We use a borescope to find mold beyond the surfaces that have recently been painted or recently replaced.

When to inspect?

Usually, a home inspector is your first line of defense in any real estate transaction.  He or she will typically point out water damage, water staining, or possible mold growth conditions.  The general real estate mold inspector will typically defer to a mold specialist and allow other experts (in mold and water damage), determine if mold is present in your future property.

The best time to inspect a home for mold during a real estate transaction is when the sellers have reported a previous water intrusion or mold growth.  A standard real estate disclosure for water damage and mold must be signed when a seller is ready to purchase a property.  Another good time to schedule a mold inspection for real estate is when a family member has allergies or sensitivities to the immune or respiratory systems.

  • Water damage:

Basements are rare in California, but hillside homes and utility basements are common in the area.  When water infiltrates the waterproofing surfaces of a hillside barrier, basement walls, or even a kitchen or bathroom sink caulking the end results are the same.  Mold growth begins due to water getting past the building envelope or waterproofing barrier.  In any case, this could be the roof, the shower curtain, a waterproof seal, or a sudden flood.  NO matter the source the end results are the same.  You and your clients need to know if mold is present in the area.

  • Buy a new home:

When you buy a new home, you often find that most everything is repaired and that the walls and ceilings are freshly painted.  The typical renovation to make it look better hides a lot of history that your real estate inspection company. Also, it is also important that your real estate mold inspector uses tools to find abnormal conditions that could lead to water intrusion or even mold growth. 

  • Empty house:

When the house is empty and has been unoccupied for a long time, it is typical for unknown water intrusion problems to occur.  The end result is mold growth.  Without the common everyday interaction of people in a home, water damage intrusion will cause mold to grow.

Mold remediation:

We recommend the industry standards for most work that needs to be completed when our certified mold inspectors find mold growth.  The standards for mold remediation in Los Angeles are typically the same across the board and use the IICRC standards to ensure that mold removal is completed correctly. 

It is important that you receive a mold certificate indicating that the mold has been removed properly.  By using handymen or contractors that do not perform mold removal on a daily basis you can incur that ‘hick up’. It can also cause your buyer to back out of the transaction due to a lingering problem that almost makes people sick.  The mold is still there and won’t go away.  So, trust in the professionals and understand that what is worth doing once. believe us, is worth doing right the first time. 

Mold inspection:

An initial mold inspection prepares you for the unknown occurrences of water damage and mold growth within the real estate your plan to purchase.  After our inspection, we submit the samples to the laboratory and prepare a report that provides you with the information required for mold removal. 

Mold testing:

Mold testing will tell you about the type of mold present in the home you want to purchase.  During a post-remediation mold inspection for real estate, air samples will help conclude that the area is clean and ready to reoccupy.

Points to remember:

You should always remember the following points:-

  1. It is important to rely on the experts that only provide mold inspection services for real estate transactions.  You should not work with a company that provides inspection, testing, and mold removal services.
  2. Sometimes there are small water damage and mold growth problems and other times they can be quite large.  A good real estate mold inspection company will always provide you with a scope of work that reflects the areas that require mold removal.
  3. Mold Inspection and testing is a unique science that helps you understand more about the building you wish to own or purchase.  It is possible to get a ‘good idea’ from some other source, but when you need specific details about the mold problem it is best to use a certified mold inspection company that specializes in real estate inspections.
  4. There is no range or limit of mold and spores of fungus in the house decided by the EPA. Many other organizations proved the mold testing not very useful, and they recommend hiring many professional inspectors for checking the number of colonies that are growing over there. By law, it is stated that mold testing, mold inspection, and sampling are the essential steps for identifying the presence of mold.

What happens during a mold inspection?

A typical real estate mold inspection can be a visual inspection of your home without any particular instrument other than a flashlight. Many professional mold inspectors use thermal cameras for a closer look. Even though this only tells them a limited amount of information about a building, it does help. It is crucial for a mold inspection professional to spend their time using the visual cues, infrared, and moisture meter. This is done to determine if mold is present in your future home. It is common to ask the current homeowners if historic or relevant moisture or mold growth is known. 


It is also common for a homeowner to produce a previous mold report, mold removal estimate, or insurance claim indicating that the last water damage and mold may have been present. During this time, your certified mold inspector will review the information provided and re-inspect the area for any possible occurrences of water damage or mold growth.


After the real estate mold inspection is complete, the certified mold inspector will review the areas of concern. These may include a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or garage. Samples for mold will be taken and submitted to the laboratory, and then a real estate mold inspection will generate a report for you and the property you wish to purchase.

What affects the cost of a mold inspection?

You should always keep in mind the following two factors by which the cost of a mold inspection can be affected:-

  1. The size of the home which is under inspection
  2. The number of samples that need to be taken and sent to a laboratory for mold spore analysis.

How much does a mold inspection cost?

The cost of the mold inspection is different for any region, but the difference is not very large. You can see that the price varies from Inspection company to inspection company contractor to contractor in the same area. The cost varies from small to medium-sized houses such as $300 for tiny houses and $400 for medium dwellings, and the price for large houses ranges from $700 to $900. Always keep in mind that these costs are only for mold inspection; mold testing costs are not included in them.

Find the right mold inspector:

For finding the right you have to consider the following points:-

  • You should choose an experienced mold inspector with a specialization license and certificates in mold inspection and mold remediation.
  • Next is you should ask about the history of how many successful cases he has done in the previous few months and how long he has been in the business.
  • After that, ask him about the mold testing he has performed in his career if he relies on Air sampling then you should not hire that person because an experienced person will use many different techniques to determine if mold is present.
  • You should ask him whether the mold is a health hazard or not; if his answer is no, then you should not hire that person because an experienced mold inspector must know about the toxicity of mold exposure and also about the severity.
  • Also, ask him that whether he takes pictures or not during the inspection because a quality mold inspector use cameras to take photos of the areas where mold is visible or where is water damage, and also of the areas that look suspect.
  • You should ask him that how will be the tests analyzed if he claims to verify the samples immediately by his procedures of testing such as in a home then avoid him and choose the inspector who is trained to analyze the samples under a microscope that is the only way for valid authentication that results of a test must be verified by third lab party.
  • Ask about the type of report, whether it is verbal, written, or computerized.
  • It is also best to ask him for a recommendation about a mold Remediation Company.
  • You should only work with experienced and specialized contractors.

Preparation for mold inspection:

You have to keep in mind the following things for a convenient mold inspection:-

  1. A mold inspector should have access to all areas of your house regardless of privacy concerns. You should clear your home before the arrival of the inspector.
  2. When there are both exterior and interior mold inspections, then you have to shift the items from outside of the home so the inspector can easily see things.
  3. A mold inspector will ask you questions about your home, and you should give answers in detail because he wants to gather information and knowledge about your house that where is water damage, which areas face a problem of leakage or other water intrusions.

Mold inspection process:

At first, the mold inspector wants to know the reason behind the problem. Second, he wants to check the amount of moisture or the potential mold problem.

Visual inspection:

The process of mold inspections starts with a visual inspection. This type of investigation involves checking looking for water damage and mold in the house. The real estate mold inspection is limited to the surface of the walls, also including instruments like

  • moisture meter
  • humidity meter
  • thermal imaging device
  • Borescope – tiny camera to look inside walls.

Essential things to look for during a visual inspection:

Followings things should consider during the visual inspection:

  • Does this home exhibit deferred maintenance or present itself as a well-kept home.\?
  • When you look under sinks.  Do you see bowls and Tupper ware below the drains?  This would indicate that the current plumbing situation may be in dire need.
  • If reports of water damage are known, these are areas should the mold inspector focus on when completing the real estate mold inspection?
  • Is there any visible mold on bathroom ceilings or mold growth around the doors and window frames?
  • What is the relative humidity inside the house?
  • Is there mold growth visible?
  • Has there been a history of water damage and moisture intrusion?
  • Are there any unusual odors present?
  • Is there any ground slope that exists towards the house?
  • What is the current condition of the roof?
  • Does the exterior of the foundation have cracks?

Moisture check:

We can measure the content of moisture by using:

  • Heat
  • Electrical devices
  • Moisture meter

Moisture meter:

You can detect the content of water in different materials by using a moisture meter. Real estate mold inspectors that are dependent on moisture meters to ID water intrusions, water damage, and leakage in different areas rely on the best equipment. Our almost Moisture meter has a scale on which the range of moisture content appears for different materials such as drywall and wood. Three types of moisture meters are the following:-

  1. Pin-type moisture meter
  2. Pinless moisture meter
  3. All in one moisture meter.

Best moisture meter:

For the identification of wet areas, a pin-type moisture meter can be the best choice because it is convenient to use. It helps the mold inspector identify the exact location where there is water damage, even behind the walls or on the floors.  With these clues, the certified mold inspector uses these cues to detect the specific spots of interest and areas where mold may be present.

Fungal sampling:

The third step is a fungal sampling that can be optional. The mold inspector uses many air samples, bulk mold spore samples, and tape lift methods, and results can be obtained after lab processing.

Air sampling:

It is used for determining the presence of mold in the air during the time of the inspection.  It is also beneficial in finding hidden mold growth.

Wall cavity sampling:

This type of sampling is used in the identification of the existing hidden mold spores in those spaces of homes where an inspector cannot reach easily, for example, in-ceiling cavities or within the walls.

Report writing:

The final step in mold inspection is detailed report writing. In this report, results are clearly shown about mold growth, and recommendations are given to remediate the damaged areas.

Mold removal:

Mold removal may be an intensive process and therefore it’s best to make sure a certified mold removal company follows some of the basic, or what we refer to as,  the industry standards for mold removal and remediation:


  • A mold removal specialist should wear PPE which includes the tyvex suit, respirator, gloves, and goggles, so you can throw them after the process of cleaning.
  • The mold removal specialist should wear special N-95 or P-100 respirators and also wear gloves.
  • During working, you should have environmental controls that create negative pressure inside the work zone.  This will ensure that cross-contamination from mold spores does not occur.
  • Use garbage bags for disposing of the mold-debris.
  • He should turn off your fans or air conditioners and then cover the vents to prevent the spread of mold spores within the home.
  • His vacuum should be HEPA rated.

Mold can cause asthma or other respiratory illness, especially in children.  FUN GUY Mold Inspection Services protects your family from these situations by inspecting your future living space for water damage and mold growth.

To ensure you move into a mold-free home call FUN GUY Inspections for a real estate mold inspection today.  Our certified mold technicians inspect homes throughout Los Angeles and the Ventura Counties.  We have provided hundreds of home buyers with the peace of mind in that they understand the presence of water damage and mold before buying their home.  Therefore, knowing all the facts about your future home can limit your liability or possibly cause the home to be fixed and mold-free before you move in.  Take a moment and call Fun Guy Inspections to learn more about your future home or property. 

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I will always be glad that we hired Fun Guy to perform a mold inspection on the house we were in the process of buying. The seller did not previously disclose the presence of mold even though he mentioned past flooding. Fun Guy did a mold check and it came back positive for mold. Needless to say, this type of information was invaluable in determining whether or not to buy the house. I recommend that every homebuyer have a mold inspection done before closing escrow. Fun Guy was punctual, reliable, honest, and professional. He saved my family thousands and thousands of $$$!!! Signed…Max

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There are many different causes that may contribute to water problems in the home. Long or short-term water intrusion will lead to mold growth. If you have experienced mold growth or suspect likely conditions, call us immediately

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