Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDLab) at Pure Air Control Services, Inc., in collaboration with Pan-American Aerobiology Association (PAAA), is pleased to present the 2018 annual meeting and “Spore Camp”: This event, Aerial Bioparticulates & Indoor Air Quality, allows aerobiologists and others to come together, share, and explore indoor air quality, palynology, allergy & immunology and overall air quality. This conference and workshop will be hosted in Clearwater, FL at EDLab’s IAQ learning institute.


Clearwater, FL The Pan-American Aerobiology Association (PAAA) is a group of diverse individuals with scientific background and passion towards understanding air-borne biological and other inorganic & organic materials. Aerobiology is a multi-disciplinary science which deals with the source, dispersion, deposition, and impaction of aerobiota and their interaction with biological and abiological factors under the prevailing environmental conditions. The PAAA was constituted in 1989 during a Canadian symposium on aerobiology to foster the knowledge of airborne particles amongst the individuals residing in Pan American countries. The PAAA encourages discussion and scientific know-how about the aerobiological techniques amongst members and others for the welfare of human society.

This is an annual event by this society, providing networking and other opportunities for those having the unique expertise, and various level of experience both from academia and industry. This organization also awards scholarships to students in order to support and ensure their participation. The participating students acquire an unique expertise and networking opportunity for their future pursuit.

This meeting will be held on February 28th and March 1st in Clearwater, FL, USA. During the course of seminar there will be hands-on learning about significant components influential to air quality, health and hygiene, and differing aerial bioparticulates besides scientific deliberations. Presentations during the meeting will allow individuals to share their knowledge and experiences in the field.Registration for this conference is now open to individuals interested in expanding their knowledge of aerobiology. This year’s host is Dr. Rajiv Sahay, CIAQP, FIAS Director of EDLab and also Vice-President of the PAAA.

About Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDLab)
The Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDLab) (established in 1992) at Pure Air Control Services (PACS) is an environmental lab offering complete and comprehensive indoor environmental microbiology laboratory services. They include: microbiology, aerobiology, chemistry, allergen assays and microscopy designed to meet all your indoor air needs. EDLab supports IAQ investigations by assisting with strategic sampling plan development and supplying media collection equipment while performing a wide range of environmental analyses.

For more information on EDLab at Pure Air Control Services, Inc. please contact Dr. Rajiv Sahay, CIAQP, FIAS, at (800) 422-7873 x 304, or visit www.edlab.org

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