Educational opportunities at the Florida School Plant Management Association 2018 Annual Conference take a closer look a building health, student comfort and energy efficiency.

The Florida School Plant Management Association (FSPMA) was chartered in the state of Florida in 1960. In part, their founding mission is “to promote the professional advancement of school plant maintenance, operation, safety, energy management, and environment.” Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) affects each of these categories in different ways.

Preventative and proactive operations lay a foundation for optimized IAQ. If the building gets sick so does the students and staff. This can result in lower student performance and staff productivity, not to mention illnesses such as allergy and asthma attacks. Should certain types of bacteria and fungi (mold) proliferate in a sick school building then more serious safety concerns can arise resulting the school being closed for an extended period of time.

One of the most frequently areas of focus is the HVAC system. After all, it IS the ventilation system for the facility. When evaporator coils and ductwork become fouled (or are not properly maintained) they become a source for microbes to thrive and spread throughout a building. Dirty HVAC equipment also impedes the airflow and performance of the system. This leads to cooling and comfort issues, as well as a tremendous decrease in energy efficiency.

Pure Air Control Services Inc. will be presenting four educational workshops at this year’s FSPMA conference. Each session will focus on a specific topic related to IAQ and energy efficiency.

Environmental Health for Sustainable Buildings
Monday, September 24, 1-2:30pm
Presenter: Karl Stefan, Industrial Hygienist, Building Sciences

Issues & Consequences Encompassing IAQ & HVAC Hygiene
Monday, September 24, 3-4pm
Presenter: Frank Santini, Director of Education and Strategic Initiatives

Human Skin Cells: Source of Building Contamination & Odors
Tuesday, September 25, 2:30-3:45pm
Presenter: Dr. Rajiv R. Sahay, CIAQP, FIAS, Director Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory

Legionella: Understanding the ASHRAE 188 Standard
Tuesday, September 25, 4-5pm
Presenter: Dr. Rajiv R. Sahay, CIAQP, FIAS, Director Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory

Pure Air Controls will also be exhibiting during the expo portion of the Florida School conference at booth 31/32. On display will be an interactive demonstration of their innovative PURE-Steam HVAC/Coil hygienic cleaning and HVAC New Life restoration services. Attendees can see first-hand the improvements PURE-Steam provides to airflow through a coil and the types of antimicrobial coatings used during the restoration process.

Representatives form the company will also be available to discuss the cooperative purchasing contracts available to a Florida school to make the procurement process easier.

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