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Look at the mold growth near the bottom of the heat/cooling unit. This is a definite health concern to the occupants. Heat & Air Conditioning Mold-Santa Monica, CA

Indicators of moisture intrusion were observed near the base of the wall. Mold Growth was observed near the base of the wall.

This is an average sample taken from a contaminated part of a building. The appearance of the mold is black.

Adding wall paper to a wall can create moldy conditions. Look at the black mold on the inside of the wall by clicking on the photo.

This wall had ceiling tiles attached to the surface. Mold growth occurred between the wall and tile coating.

This fungi was observed near the fire place. Increased moisture was observed surrounding the body of the organism.

At times, fungi/mold can grow in areas that we use everyday. This Fungi developed in the hallway closet, indicative of moisture intrusion.

This fungi was discovered on the bathroom ceiling. The owners had wiped this away several times. This told FunGuy that the water leak was still active.

Negative air machines and dehumidifiers clean and dry the air.