Indoor air quality has never been more important. This won’t change in a post-COVID-19 world. Building managers must make clean air a priority beyond the pandemic. This is critical for the health and safety of workers, but rising energy costs are a factor as well. Here are some of the benefits of maintaining HVAC systems as well as a comparison between the methods of traditional cleaning and PURE-Steam Coil Cleaning. See how your current coil cleaning stacks up against our proprietary method.

Conventional vs. PURE-Steam Coil Cleaning

Dirt, dust, bacteria — any particle that comes in contact with the HVAC coil prevents it from working properly. This increases operating costs and leads to eventual equipment failure.

You have choices, but they are not equal. There is the conventional method which is ineffective and not eco-friendly. And then there is the PURE Steam method which offers the best results and returns on investment.

Conventional Method

Conventional cleaning is not green. In fact, the chemicals used in this process corrode the inside of coils and go straight into the wastewater system after rinsing. Not only that, but this method gets at the face of the coil but does not do the deep cleaning needed to improve performance. Therefore, the outcome of this method is a minimal improvement with little benefit in energy savings. The biggest disappointment with traditional cleaning is its failure to improve IAQ in any real measurable way.

Innovative PURE-Steam Process

By contrast to the conventional method, PURE-Steam Coil Cleaning and flushing uses a superheat process of up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit at 350 PSI. This results in a significant reduction in energy costs. At the same time, indoor air quality improves. Extensively trained professional service technicians use a proprietary 15-point checklist to get the best results. Including our coil cleanliness verification test conducted pre and post cleaning.  Plus, it’s the only Green Clean Institute certified process since it uses only water and friendly enzyme treatments.

Four levels of cleaning are available ranging from economy to good, better, and best. They incorporate different types of equipment depending on the job specification.

  • Economy — This disinfection method offers limited downtime, is low cost, and increases air flow.
  • Dry — This option reduces liability by killing mold, viruses, and bacteria at 300+ degrees and uses a containment extraction process.
  • Deep — This choice uses a high-volume flushing process at 55 gallons per minute to get a 50 percent ROI in two years.
  • Restore — This complete method offers all the above benefits but also uses a high-performance coil treatment coating.

Improve IAQ and ROI

As air handling units age, their performance declines. This was the case with Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn, New York. The medical center had 32 AHUs in need of restoration. The PURE-Steam coil cleaning process restored them using a high temperature/low-pressure system. Afterward, a report of air flow, static pressure, and coil cleanliness verification readings revealed a 98.1 percent improvement. Another benefit included estimated energy savings of over $193,000 over less than a year and a half. Not only that, the Continental Automated Building Association’s evaluation of steam coil cleaning of HVAC coils shows that it is 99.9 percent effective in killing contaminants. As a result of coil cleaning air flow increases as does energy efficiency.

Let Us Help with Your Coil Cleaning

Pure Air Control Services lowers the energy costs and improves IAQ for the businesses we work with. We are an industry leader that has provided cutting edge environmental and mechanical cleaning in over 12,000 facilities. For more information contact Pure Air Controls today.

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