Enerbee, a French start-up company supplying an innovative motion-based energy generating technology, will demonstrate Smart Vent, its new product that transforms the way indoor air quality is monitored and air distribution is controlled for HVAC applications, at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, January 5-8th , 2017.

According to the World Health Organization “Indoor air can be eight times more polluted than outdoor air and is the cause of 4.3 million premature deaths in the world”. The growing challenges of indoor people’s health and comfort drive the need for more sensors to generate smart data and eventually provide a better air quality control. Enerbee’s Smart Vent is ideally suited to meet these challenges as it provides a unique combination of key features and benefits.


It’s easy to install and it’s fully autonomous. Enerbee’s Smart Vent brings indoor air quality control to new standards of intelligence. It embeds air flow measurement, air quality sensors and RF connectivity powered by Enerbee’s patented energy generator. Temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, pressure and volatile organic compounds levels are measured and computed to locally monitor the vent and the air distribution.

Enerbee’s Smart Vent solution is the first product able to both collect information on air quality at relevant places in homes and buildings and adjust the indoor environment so inhabitants are always comfortable and safe, while optimizing energy at the same time. With no wires or batteries, Enerbee’s Smart Vent is fully autonomous so, simply install it and forget.

The company’s patented technology uses the piezo magnetism principle, the energy peak is converted to useable energy via an innovative electronic stage, delivering highly-efficient, autonomous energy in the 1mW to 10mW range.

Visit us at Eureka Park, (booth #50656) the “innovation lab” of CES.

Article Source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/enerbee-brings-unprecedented-intelligence-to-indoor-air-quality-with-innovative-smart-vent-609330085.html