Common Threats of Rain Intrusion and Proven Ways on How to Prevent It

Here are the leading causes of rain intrusion:

One of the many problems that your home may encounter is rain intrusion. Generally, rain intrusion is one of the significant factors causing deterioration of stucco, wood, roofing and other materials.  Compromised building materials can cause leaks with the interior and exterior of the home or building that may lead to total structural damage and even mold.

•    Poor construction and low-quality materials of the structure.

•    Invasion of water caused by natural calamities such as rains, winds, and floods.

•    Deferred maintenance in your home or buildings.

•    Lack of repairs to the damaged areas.

Neglecting a small problem can worsen the situation in the long run. If treated this way, it will cost you a lot of budget for the repairs and renovations. Just the thought of this situation can be a headache.

Here are the possible effects of rain intrusion:

•    Moisture intrusion, moisture stains, and eventually offensive odors that smell like mold.

•    Inviting termites and other insects into your home.  They love moist environments caused by water   damage.

  • The threat of bacteria is also high. Category 2 water will eventually lead to category 3 water that contains contaminated bacteria.

•    Continued deterioration of the building envelope, including the roof, water proofing black paper, and seals surrounding your doors and windows.

The possibility of seeing your home or buildings deteriorate can be prevented. Awareness and proper action are key. Keep in mind that immediate maintenance, and annual inspections are a helpful way to prevent moisture damage and eventually mold.

Here are helpful ways of preventing common threats:

•    Consult professionals in finding the possible location of the leaks within your area. This is highly recommended to do after rain, flood or moisture intrusion.

•    Always check for the potential damages after any storm or flood. A monthly check is also suggested for the immediate location of damages.

•    Check every corner of your home or building – the walls, roofs, gutters, windows, and sinks. With this, it will be easy to take precautionary actions.

Identifying the problems immediately will save you a lot of money. If you are unsure about the inspection process, consider hiring a water damage professional.  Fun Guy Inspections uses state of the art moisture meters and infrared cameras to detect moisture.  In addition, you will receive a detailed report of findings with recommendations.  If water damage and moisture intrusion have been a problem in your home or office, let Fun Guy Inspections help you solve these problems before mold begins to grow.

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