Los Angeles, CA | Complete Water Damage Inspection and Mold Testing Services. FunGuy Inspections is confirming moisture with two devices in this photo; a moisture meter and a thermal infrared camera. the Blue colors = Water Concentrations above normal = Areas of Possible Mold Growth

Thermal infrared cameras pick up thermal anomalies due to temperature differences in the building. These thernomalies are present in red and blues and may indicate water damage, air infiltration, electrical problems, and even perform Energy Audits.

A Complete Guide To Moisture Meters

Moisture meters have been used by a wide range of home and building professionals for many years. While the technology of moisture meters has changed significantly over the past few years, the reason for using them has stayed the same.

Why Use a Moisture Meter?

Moisture is a highly important factor that affects the integrity of homes and buildings. Using a moisture meter helps inspectors locate . . >




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