Mold Inspections

Certified Mold Inspection

There are no doubts about the danger of mold. It can leave everyone inside of the property at risk of serious illness. Severe mold situations can cause a great deal of stress and concern. The only way to fight back against mold is to make sure that you have it and then to take action. Mold testing and inspection are the first step in doing so. Whether you have mold allergies or you care about your health, you should make sure that these inspections are the first thing on your list to do.  We have the experts available when you need this job done right.

Water Damage and Mold Inspection

A mold inspection will look for any traces of water staining, water damage and mold in your property.  Fun Guy Inspections uses high quality equipment designed specifically to detect water damage and mold. Rather than looking by eye, which can detect mold in some in the air and the from the surface of walls. We give you the information about mold, so you can make informed decisions.  Call today for more information.


Mold is all around us all of the time.  Normal amounts of back ground mold are floating in our air and digesting carbon based materials in our yards and composts.  The evolution of fungi and mold indoors, from a spore to fruiting body or colony, would indicate positive mold growth.  Water activates mold and growth begins within 48-72 hours.

Professional Mold Inspections

Having a professional go through your property to perform the mold inspection, you can trust that there will be high quality and reliable results. Our experts are thorough, skilled, and knowledgeable. By relying on us, you can get your mold sampling results. We can help you to understand more about the problem, we can give you information regarding the full extent and type of mold, and we can inform you of possible solutions. With our experts, you can make better choices regarding the mold in your property. For anyone with mold allergies, young children, or health concerns, you need to have this done quickly.

Services for mold testing do not get much better than Fun Guy Mold Inspections . When it comes to quality, you want the work of these experts. Before you choose to do anything about the mold, before you make any changes, make sure that you have this inspection performed. This inspection will make sure that you know every detail about the mold, including its type and its spread. It is the first step in protecting your property and your health, both now and for years to come.