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05-22-10 Initial Mold Test-Inglewood, California

Problems arose after an initial inspection by the home appraiser. You guessed it correctly, this home was for sale. Shortly after the report was given on the home, a handyman, cleaned and re-painted the surfaces with visible mold growth. Although, this style of mold clean up rarely ever works, our mold inspectors observed surface mold in several areas that had not been painted. Fun Guy Mold Inspectors can not see through painted surfaces, but a documented photos illustrated the conditions before the repairs took place. Fun Guy’s Mold remediation protocol was designed to remove the areas contaminated with mold growth.


Paint over mold – picture left

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05-18-10 Post Remediation Mold Test-Camarillo, California

This mold investigation sparked an interesting comment from the mold remediation contractor, “We were trying to keep the cost down for the clients.” At this stage FunGuy Mold Inspection & Consulting LLC observed a heavy layer of white primer painted over areas where mold growth was known to be growing. Fun Guy mold inspectors ‘failed’ the post remediation investigation and notified the mold remediation contractors that additional work needs to be completed to properly remove the mold.

Anti-fungal paint over mold – picture left

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04-15-10, Window Frame Mold, Woodland Hills, California

Humid conditions within an indoor environment may cause black mold growth to occur on the frames of your windows. This conditions is usually common when organic debris deposits itself to the window frame, with the help of water vapor condensation on the cold metal frame of the window. Black mold found on window frames can often be cleaned with an EPA approved microbial solvent. Always conduct a black mold investigation to determine if the condition is superficial or more complex. 19626 Ventura Blvd., Tarzana, CA.

Mold on Window Frame – photo, left

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04/23/2010 Uncovering Black Mold, Camarillo, CA

The new homeowner was curious about the drywall patch in the downstairs ceiling, until the day the upstairs bath tub over flowed. This sudden moisture intrusion event was not the first occurrence of water to the area. Ample amounts of black mold/fungi colonies were discovered on the inside of the ceiling and walls. The Certified Mold Inspector prepared the mold remediation recommendations for the home owner and mold remediation began shortly after.


Black mold photo, Picture left

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04/06/2010 Active Water Damage – Santa Monica, CA

This mold inspection was completed on a real estate listing in Santa Monica, CA. A number of different locations inside the home did contain excess moisture. This area is just one example. Look at the moisture meter near the water valve; it reads 1.2% WET. Fun Guy Certified Mold Inspectors marked this area as an active leak, requiring immediate attention. This water damaged area was later opened by a certified mold remediation company for further investigation.

Moisture Meter Reading – 1.2 % Wet