Occupants soon discover that their own homes were making them sick. These occupants are living indoors with mold and other contaminants on a daily basis causing increased asthma attacks and breathing problems.

Asthma attacks cause the small airways in the lungs to close.  Many times these are caused by environmental triggers within the air.  Coughing, headaches, and difficulty breathing are some of the common symptoms of an asthma attack; in these cases caused by mold.

Occupants live with unimaginable conditions caused by water damage and mold within their homes.  Areas within a bathroom remain unfixed after occupants complain to management.  Soon mold remediation companies were called to fix the surface issues on the ceiling and upper walls within the bathroom.  This mold removal project took much more time and effort to fix as seen in this video.

Solutions to water damage problems and mold begin by fixing the root of the water damage.  If you notice water damage and mold within your home, call for Help Today. (888) 399-3994.