Mold Remediation Process-Los Angeles

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Mold Remediation Process-Los Angeles


Mold remediation can only be effective if the factors that are contributing to conditions are repaired. Restoration requires the removal of porous materials, non porous materials must be restored to original conditions, as well as a reduction in moisture to prevent mold growth. Valuable books and papers can be saved by fumigation, freeze drying and HEPA vacuuming. When visible contamination is extensive the removal of the materials must be treated as hazardous waste. Recommended removal is taken into consideration by the investigator who determines the nature and extent of contamination. Personal Protective Equipment must be used by properly trained personnel prior to remediation of visible contamination. In general, the removal and containment precautions required for toxigenic fungi should be used for re-mediating any visible fungal contamination because virtually all fungi can cause allergy (in sensitized individuals) and many fungi produce toxins( morey, 1996 NYDC, 1993)

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Mold Removal – FunGuy Mold Inspection & Consulting LLC – Los Angeles, Ca

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People exposed to black and toxic mold have reported many symptoms, including, but not limited to:

* Headaches *Wheezing *Nose Bleeds *Fatigue *Memory Loss *Stuffy Noses *Sore Eyes *Dizziness *Sore Throat *Coughing *Sneezing *Respiratory Ailments *Asthma *Skin Irritations *Breathlessness *Runny Nose *Horseness *Inflammation of the Sinuses *Blurred Vision *Burning Eyes *Dry Cough