Mold Removal Specialist in Lancaster, CA A mold test inspection for black mold/fungi is the most important first step in identifying a possible microbial contamination problem. The mold inspection expert or professional will determine the extent of any water damage and potential mold growth during your mold inspection and will help outline your next course of action, Contact Our Mold Removal Specialist.

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How Can  Mold Inspectors Help You?

Professional Team of Certified Mold Inspectors can Inspect and Test for mold in the areas where mold remediation had been completed. Certified Mold Inspectors will work in conjunction with your preferred Mold Remediation firm, Insurance Company, Contractor, or Architect.


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Boardwalk Contractors are the premiere Mold Removal Specialist in the greater Antelope Valley, Lancaster, and Palmdale.  Locally owned and operated, Boardwalk contractors specialize in cleaning after fire damage, extracting water, removing water-damaged materials, and cleaning the mold.  Boardwalk Contractors uses the latest technology in the industry to combat water-damaged materials before mold can grow.  As a Mold Remediation Company in Lancaster, Boardwalk Contractors will locate, clean, and remediate mold within your home or office.

The following services are provided by Boardwalk:

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  • Repair Fire Damage
  • Clean up Flooding and Water Damage
  • Remove Mold
  • General Construction RepairsBoardwalk Contractors, Inc. 40524 12th Street West Palmdale, CA 93551 Phone:800-663-5367


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