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Below is a prime example of how improperly installing a negative air machine in an enclosure can cause the test to fail.  Units that filter out the mold spores should be placed in a centralized location that allows the filtration to occur.  The mold removal company placed this negative air machine in a corner and reduced it ability to filter air within the mold remediation enclosure.


Post Mold Remediation Inspection | Los Angeles, CA

This type of Mold Inspection will help you determine if mold remediation has been successfully completed. Fun Guy Inspection & Consulting LLC will come to your property looking for remaining areas of mold growth, assess building moisture conditions and collect airborne mold spore samples inside and outside your containment areas.

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Benefits 3rd Party Independent Inspection, Honest and Reliable opinions of the mold remediation procedure.


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Containment – Source, Local & Full Scale

Mold remediation containments may come in many different shapes and forms. The primary concern is prevention of the airborne mold spores from contaminating the non-work zones (occupied areas).
A source containment can be as simple as a sheet of plastic taped to a wall or placing a moldy substance in a plastic bag. This is only recommended for small areas of mold contamination.


A local containment is usually constructed from poly (plastic) barriers and maybe supported by wood framing, tape and staples.


Full scale containment usually requires the following: A critical barrier that blocks all openings and sealing the HVAC system components. Negative pressure – created by a negative air machine equipped with a HEPA filter and a decontamination unit used to exit and enter the work area.


Mold Remediation containments Picture left

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Negative Air Machines

These machines may come in many different shapes and sizes. The primary construction of the negative air machine is a blower motor, fan blades and a HEPA filter. The purpose of a negative air machine is to draw a negative pressure within the enclosed work zones. Pre-filters and HEPA filters are used to capture particles in the air.
Negative air machines run for the duration of the mold remedaition work and usually after the mold remediation company has left the work site. The machines can be loud and will run until the certified mold inspector has come to shut them off.

Click on the photo – negative air machine (NAM)

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Mold Removal – Remediation

This process usually involves removing the drywall, plaster or wood from the surface of the walls. Insulation, if found, must be removed from the contaminated walls. A minimum surface removal recommendation can be approximately 18-24″ from the last visible observation of mold. In addition, the materials will be double bagged and then removed from the property.

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Clean all of the Dust and Debris

Always take a look at the ground and horizontal ledges within the enclosure for additional debris and/or settled dust. If you start to notice settling that has occurred within minutes of your last wipe down, then FunGuy recommends you allow 20-30 minutes for additional settling to occur and follow up with another remedial wipe down.
Use a HEPA vacuum to ensure that mold dust and mold debris has been captured effectively.

Visible dust and debris within the mold remediation enclosure Picture Left

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Decontamination Chamber

When applicable, during the mold remediation setup, construct a decontamination chamber to allow workers a safe space to work clean. This will allow a safe space for the refuse, mold remedaition equipment and workers to use before entering the occupant living zones.

Mold Decontamination Chamber Picture Left

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Secure the Enclosure and all the edges

During mold remediation work the plastic enclosure will tend to stretch and loose integrity. A sound mold remediation enclosure will hold up to the daily duties of a mold remediation crew at work.

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Water Damaged Materials

If material appears to be damaged by water, consider removing the materials if it will not compromise the integrity of the building structure. Removing additional materials affected by moisture damage can alleviate possible mold growth concerns during the time of a mold investigation. After thorough inspection of the building materials affected by moisture, Fun Guy Mold Inspectors will sample the materials to determine if mold growth possibilities exist.

Black Mold caused by water damage Picture Left

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