Molds are capable of growing everywhere- even in the most constricted area inside the borders of your home. It comes in a variety of shapes and colors that may bring a threat to your health and home. As much as it differs in appearance, it also comes in a variety of musty smells too.

Some people are more sensitive to the presence of molds. As a result, they may suffer from allergic reactions, irritations, nasal congestion, or even trigger asthma-related symptoms. Aside from its health impacts, molds also feed on the surfaces of your home appliances.

Even your refrigerators could not escape from this threat of mold! Molds can get anywhere as long as there is a presence of moisture and water. Can you imagine how crucial it is when your fridge, your daily food storage area is being invaded by these molds?

To top it off a fan starts and pushes mold around the inside or the outside of your refrigerator.