A new body set to be the “eyes and ears” for Flint residents overseeing water-related issues is finding its footing.

The Water Advisory Council has been meeting since August and now with all members on board things are taking off.

“Part of our job as a committee is to be educating ourselves about the process as well as the broader community,” said Dr. Shawn McElmurry.

Dr. Shawn McElmurry is one of 12 members on Flint’s new Water Advisory Council.

With appointments by Mayor Sheldon Neeley and approval from Flint City Council adhering to Michigan’s Safe Drinking Water Act. The council is composed of doctors, community leaders, and experts.

Tuesday, members were able to bring their concerns as well as community issues to Public Works Director Michael Brown.

“This is a question about the water main breaks on Court Street, this resident says they are still seeing water on the street,” asked Dr. Benjamin Pauli, vice-chair of the advisory council.

“Maybe two weeks ago now, we had a company come in and test those lines,” said DPW Director Michael Brown. “They found no leaks in any of those lines and they are now taking a look to see if there are cracks where the two pipes are joined.”

After the council discussed requirements for issuing boil water advisories.

MDHHS gave an update on the city’s drinking water testing program. Dr. Lawrence Reynolds, who serves on the council, raised the question if the city’s decline in population could impact water quality and the spread of Legionnaires’ disease.

Article Source: https://nbc25news.com/news/local/flint-water-advisory-council-to-serve-as-eyes-and-ears-for-residents