Indoor air quality entered the national conversation with the onset of the COVID pandemic. For the owners of commercial buildings, however, IAQ has always been important. With the health of students, customers, and workers at risk, stakeholders look to their facilities managers for solutions for optimized HVAC performance.

Optimized HVAC performance improves IAQ. It’s that simple. Improving the performance of the ventilation system creates a healthier indoor environment. Therefore, business owners and building managers must make the maintenance of that system a priority. That said, this doesn’t mean expensive upgrades or the replacement of the system. Instead, optimized HVAC performance requires a host of tools and methods. This includes regular inspections as well as cleaning and maintenance. A combined approach to IAQ uses all of the tools available to create healthy indoor air for everyone.

Benefits of Optimized HVAC Performance

To help businesses and other organizations improve IAQ, ventilation rates, ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) devised Standard 62.1. This is the minimum ventilation requirement for commercial and institutional buildings. The biggest benefit of complying with the standard is optimized HVAC performance. We know that poor indoor air quality impairs cognitive functioning. That includes children in classrooms and workers in office buildings, warehouses, factories, as well as retail. Therefore, optimized HVAC performance to improve IAQ creates healthier workers, students, and building occupants in general. Benefits include higher test scores, increased productivity, and lower energy costs.

Achieving Optimized HVAC Performance

Getting to the desired IAQ levels takes commitment, but not a lot of money. Creating and staying on top of HVAC maintenance schedules is important as is taking the right steps towards remediation. A system operating at peak performance creates a healthy environment for everyone. That said, different factors affect different buildings. For example, a large school building has different HVAC needs than a small healthcare office. The number of building occupants and the activities they perform matter as well. Also, different buildings deal with different contaminant risks. A building undergoing remodeling faces one set of IAQ challenges while healthcare facilities and manufacturing plants have their own contaminant risks. Knowing these challenges is another part of ensuring optimized HVAC performance.

HVAC Solutions for Clean Air

Pure Air Control Services helps businesses get optimized HVAC performance through the following services:

PURE-Steam Coil Cleaning

Our PURE-Steam coil cleaning system sanitizes the interior of the AHU and coils. This neutralizes microbes and removes dust and debris while improving airflow through the coil. High-temperature steam disinfects the coils and air handling unit and removes allergens and odors. Another benefit to coil cleaning is longer-lasting equipment and improved efficiency.

PURE-Duct Cleaning

Our PURE-Duct system gets deep inside the ductwork with high-pressure air turbulence. This method knocks out dust and debris which is collected by a powerful vacuum with a HEPA filter. The result is optimized HVAC performance and cleaner indoor air.

HVAC New Life

The HVAC New Life Restoration, which also includes PURE-Steam, uses a high-performance coating to refinish all the metal parts in the AHU. The coating is water-resistant and anti-microbial which prevents corrosion and the growth of biological contaminants. This service also includes upgrades to the HVAC system such as the ECM Fan Array Retrofit. This option includes a Q-PAC™ Fan Array that improves system efficiency. Replacing the outside air dampers, belts, motors, compressors, and controls are additional options.

To protect the AHU from severe exposure PURE-Coat refinishing includes garnet blasting and sanding before the application of a highly resistant paint that protects HVAC components from extreme conditions. Additionally, PURE-Decon disinfects the HVAC system and PURE-Liner 2.0 refinishes the drain pan while PURE-Cell replaces older fiberglass insulation with a zero-porosity, fiberglass-free material. The material is effective in repelling moisture and microbial growth.

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