Pink slime in your sink and shower isn’t what you think — it could cause a sickening infection

We’ve all been there: Our shower is overdue for a good scrub and the soap scum, grime and mold have proliferated.

However, one expert is warning about the overgrowth of hazardous film of “pink slime” that is often mistaken for mold but can cause urinary tract and wound infections.

After a student in Belfast claimed her pal landed in the hospital due to “pink mold” from their university showers, one doctor has weighed in.

NHS surgeon Dr. Karan Rangarajan broke it to his 5.2 million TikTok followers that the so-called fungi is a bacteria called serratia marcescens, which “vomits hot pink all over your bathroom.”

“This bacteria loves damp, moist places and enjoys munching on fatty deposits like those found in soaps and shampoos, hence why it likes to hang out in your steamy bathroom,” he said in a video, which scored more than 3 million views.

While it’s “harmless” to an average, healthy person, it’s best to avoid getting in contact with eyes or cuts and could spell trouble for those with compromised immune systems, causing chest or urinary infections.

“If your home has enough damp for pink slime to consistently develop, you could actually be growing other things as well, like actual household molds, which could be causing respiratory issues or allergies,” he explained.

The best way to keep the “pink slime” at bay is to prevent it from growing in the first place by keeping the bathroom well-ventilated and dry with fans or opening a window, as well as regular cleaning.

“It’s filthier than you think,” he noted.

According to The Spruce, the best way to get rid of flourishing bacteria like serratia marcescen is with a few different cleaning solutions.

First, mix half of a cup of baking soda with one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and some water to make a “runny” mixture and use a brush to scrub away the visible bacteria. After rinsing it well with water, use a bleach-based solution to disinfect the area — while wearing protective gear like eyewear, gloves and a mask — allowing it to sit a few minutes before washing it away.


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