poria in

This macro organism was seen growing under a home in the central area of Venice. Even though new construction on this home was recently completed, it seems that the soil, moisture, and wood have been feeding this funguy (fungi). It is possible that this organism could be poria incrassata. A specialized license is required to diagnose a wood destroying organism such as this. Even though the organism maybe feeding on the wood within your home it can also bring additional moisture into the home, create secondary mold growth problems, and cause underlying structural issues. Poria incrassata usually develop from a soil to wood contact below or even on the side of the your home.

In the photo above you can tell how the macro organism has begun to spread over the soil and extend itself as it apparently looks for other available food sources. The organism (possibly poria incrassata) would be feeding on the organic materials, such as carbon based items, dust, soil, or left over pieces of wood and construction debris. In this photo, you can tell that this fungi is slowly taking over the crawlspace, similar to the Blob (classic horror film of the 1950’s). If you ever noticed something similar to this or other mushrooms in your home, FunGuy Inspections recommends you call a professional right away.