Santa Clarita – Valencia – Los Angeles and Ventura Real Estate Mold Inspection Services

Any type of Mold will grow on the walls, ceilings or floors within your home that are directly impacted by any type of water source. It mostly results when the walls stay wet for a longer period of time. Often we think that when a water intrusion occurs that “it will just dry out” thinking nothing of it and brushing it off until it happens again.  Or maybe the washing machine overflowed one time and you gathered as much water from the floor as possible and then left a fan blowing on the area for a week.  I’m sure you probably remember a funny smell shortly after.  Believe it or not, but the standard real estate transaction does require that you describe all known water damage and possible mold problems during the course of you home ownership.   A Water Damage and Mold Disclosure Agreement is available here.  Even when the real estate disclosures are filled out correctly a real estate mold inspection for water intrusion/ water damage can locate new areas of water damage or mold growth in your home or office.  What happens next?  Who do you call?   We are a team of certified mold inspectors that can provide your and your client with a real estate mold inspection.  Real estate agents, sellers an buyers can all benefit from the information our certified mold inspectors are able to discover using moisture meters, thermal infrared cameras, and air quality testing to determine if mold is a growing problem in your real estate. Here are some tips and tricks we use to discover mold during a mold inspection.



Mold Inspection prior to Purchasing Real Estate:

Molds grow where water flows and then these areas remain damp.  So water is one of the core reasons for their growth. You might not be able to locate a leak yourself.  A mold inspection uses a moisture meter capable of locating elevated moisture within the building materials that we can’t see with our own eyes. A pre real estate mold inspection can provide you with areas in the home that may become a problem during a home inspection.  Not locating areas of water damage and completing mold removal or remediation prior to the sale of the home can cause delay and loss of income.   Closing dates often have to be extended due to the mold removal process, final testing, and lab analysis.  Following mold remediation it is often an industry standard to conduct a post remediation inspection.  Having a third party mold inspection after the mold removed provide you with the documentation necessary to ensure a smooth real estate transaction with no hick ups, problems, or cancellations.

Benefits linked with a Real Estate Mold Inspection:

The real estate mold inspection is not just important for the people that are selling or even buying that property, but also for the agent involved in making it attractive and easy to sell. So, with the presence of water intrusion or water damage a real estate agent should recommend a real estate mold inspection be completed to ensure that the property will be sold instantly, with little problems, and at a higher price. So, being a real estate agent in Los Angeles or Ventura Counties it will be your obligation to look at the house and notify your sellers of potential water intrusion problems that may exist. . The smell, ugliness and unpleasantness made by the moldy areas really lowers the price of your home compared to the other properties in your neighborhood. To ensure a seamless transaction we would recommend addressing any areas of water damage or visible mold growth prior to your open house. 

How do we work?

We have a team of certified mold inspectors who work diligently to find mold within your home. Each person may have their own style of inspections, but here are a few key points:

  1. The team of mold inspectors starts by looking for the visible signs of moisture staining and moisture damage
  2. They then test the building materials using a moisture meter 
  3. They also inspect rooms and larger areas by using state of the art infrared cameras 
  4. The team then performs its last step by finding and then collecting samples of mold for lab for analysis

When the lab provides the results

  1. The team has the task to write a Mold Report indicating the place where they have found the mold
  2. Lastly, the team gives some recommendations on How to get rid of the mold and possible mold prevention techniques

Post Remediation Inspection of Mold:

Our company has close associations with Mold remediation companies so if you want us to take the whole process of inspection and removal of mold in your home we are able to do so. The team also performs a post remediation test after the mold has been removed by the remediation company. The process is very similar to the mold inspection process, but here we take airborne mold samples and evaluate the work completed by the mold removal company. In the end, the team of certified inspectors gives a post remediation mold report that provides a ‘certificate’ that the area has been cleaned correctly and the mold problem has been removed.

Final Words:

So, we are a certified team of mold inspectors based in Los Angeles and Ventura countries who inspects your real estate before you buy it for any signs of mold. We then write a report and analyze it for you so that, if necessary, you could hire a remediation company to remove the mold. After the remediation company is complete, we again inspect the area(s) and look for any signs of mold, and ensure if the company has successfully or not. We are here to help you find mold, recommended mold removal strategies, and conduct a clearance inspection that ensures that the area is safe and back to normal.