Snow mold causing more sneezing

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ROCHESTER, Minn. – With the temperatures getting warmer and the snow melting, the change in weather is creating different impacts for Minnesotans.

Some Minnesotans allergies may be acting up recently because of snow mold. It’s a lawn disease caused by a fungus that looks like snow and infects grass. As the snow melts, spores are released.

Not everyone has noticed allergy symptoms yet this season.

“I feel fine. I feel like I’m enjoying the spring weather and I’m not sneezing,” says Christine Formea.

With the grass greening up again and spores in the air, others are noticing their allergies acting up.

“I’m outside a lot. Just from running around, it just kind of brought it on, the stuffiness, the coughing,” explains Cheryl Beckers.

Beckers feels like she’s having more allergies now than in previous years.

“Compared to last year, we had a really cold and snowy winter so it’s come out a little earlier this year cause we had a bit of a thaw.”

Just like Beckers, other Minnesotans including Mary Wheatley are feeling the impacts from the snow mold.

“We have to take Benadryl and Cetirizine and all kinds of stuff to try to stop the sneezing and the sniffles,” Wheatley tells KIMT News 3. I think it’s been actually a bit worst this year for some reason. I don’t know if it’s because we just moved down here from Bemiji but the pollen is different.”

There are different ways to treat your allergies other than allergy pills and nasal sprays. Doctors say you can also get allergy shots.

to treat your allergies, Mayo Clinic recommends staying indoors on dry and windy days, removing clothing you’ve worn outside, and hanging laundry inside.


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