The Costco Mold Problem Reddit is Fed Up With

It’s an inevitable fact that all fresh produce, regardless of its cost or quality, will at some point expire. Obviously, as hard-working consumers, we expect the groceries we buy to last for a reasonable length of time, but Reddit users are finding this isn’t always the case.

Redditor TelephotoMoto claims to have lost $40-worth of fresh mushrooms and berries because of mold that had taken grip of the packets as soon as they had been opened, and other users report being affected by spoiled cheese, pork, and strawberries. The common theme of the complaints is Costco, which commenters are not overly impressed with.

Moldy food isn’t something that can be ignored — according to USDA, molds can produce toxins that make people sick and trigger allergic reactions. Severely spoiled food can also have mold with roots buried deep inside, as well as invisible bacteria. So how can you slow down food molding, and what tips does Reddit have for tackling the problem?

Refrigeration and freezing are recommended to prevent ruined food

Reddit users are critical of Costco, with one saying its groceries are “so bad”, and another describing them as “expensive and often moldy.” One commenter even says they found earwigs inside a pack of peaches. Redditors recommend thoroughly examining food before buying it, and checking the expiration date. Storing fresh produce with paper towels to soak up excess moisture is suggested, as is freezing unused food to preserve its goodness.

To slow down mold growth, USDA advises covering and refrigerating food, as well as making sure towels, dishcloths, and refrigerators are clean. If food is covered in mold, it must be thrown out, and nearby foods should also be checked in case the mold has spread.

Many Reddit commenters suggest returning moldy products with a receipt to get a refund. Costco offers a “100% satisfaction guarantee”, and states items can be returned to any Costco store for a full refund. Redditors also believe that multiple returns trigger Costco workers to realize the problem is more than just one item.


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