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Infrared Thermography (Seeing in to walls)

It is a prime concern for Indoor Environmental Professionals to address the extent of moisture damage caused by flooding, sewage back up or broken pipes. Determining if water damage and possible mold growth has occurred is a prime public health concern. The ability to determine the temperature differences within one substrate or material can help isolate heat/cooling pockets to increase energy efficiency, potential electrical circuit overloads and water damage or potentially moldy materials.

Tamar -Picture left

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Infrared Testing & Reporting by Fun Guy Inspection & Consulting LLC

If you have had a clear, grey or black water damage it is essential that you turn to the best…Fun Guy Mold Inspection and Consulting LLC, Experienced Residential and Commercial Inspectors. CALL 888-470-0470.

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  • Fun Guy can examine the building structure for water damaged areas.
  • Bulk analysis of potentially contaminated materials within the flood-water damaged zones.
  • Fun Guy will determine areas impacted by Mold and Bacterial contamination.
  • Fun Guy can recommend protocols for abatement/remediation companies to follow.
  • Fun Guy will can conduct final clearance testing to determine if the full extent of water damage materials have been removed.
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Water Damaged Materials contribute to MOLD GROWTH

In this photo, the water damaged area is indicated by the darker blue strip within this wall. The cool water, as indicated by the darker blue, indicates the primary area of moisture damage and identifies the source without destroying the materials. If this happened to be a hot water pipe, the color of the dark blue band would be red.

Cold Water Pipe Leaking behind the Wall – Picture left

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Christmas Tree Lights Producing Heat

In this Photo, the red and yellow colors indicate the amount of heat produced from the lights on the tree. An extreme difference between the Christmas tree (red & yellow) and the surrounding areas (blue) can be observed when the lights are on. Heat generally moves in an upward direction as indicated in the darker red on the top of the tree.

Christmas Tree Lights – Picture left

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Infrared Detection of Energy Loss & Auditing

In this photo, the windows (as indicated by the red, yellow and light green colors) allow heat into the building at a phenomenal rate. On this summer day, the air conditioning was on in the office building cooling the air and the building materials. The yellow marks on the ground indicate the temperature difference created by solar radiation shining into the windows.

Windows allowing Heat to Enter a Cooled Building Space – Picture left

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Infrared Electrical Inspection & Reporting

Electrical currents are a form of energy and the heat that dissipates can be identified with the thermal infrared camera. The heat of each electrical component can be identified and recorded for future use. This is helpful in determining if a connection or electrical component is reaching is potential failure and may need to be replaced (before it fails).

Electrical Wires and Circuits – Picture left

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