Woman forced out of downtown Memphis apartment after months of mold issues | Here’s what to do if you’re facing similar issues

Melanie Scott and her guests continued to get sick over the months, prompting her to get the mold tested.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A woman is being forced out of her Memphis apartment after months of dealing with mold in the vents. Melanie Scott first reported the issue to her apartment complex’s maintenance team on August 10, 2023. The apartment is Indigo Riverview Apartments at 99 Central Lane in downtown Memphis.

Scott handed her keys over to the apartment on January 3, 2024, ending her lease early, but not without a hassle.

“I had gotten sick which was the reason why I got the mold sample done,” Scott said.

Chet Kibble is a 40-year licensed lead and mold inspector who came out and swabbed the vents.

“She told me about her hair falling out and some other issues,” Kibble said. “I came by and took a look and I was concerned. It was visible mold when you see black areas in the air condition.”

They sent the sample to an outside lab where results say numerous types of fungi are present. Some of them are even carcinogenic, meaning there’s a possibility it could cause cancer.

Kibble’s advice is for people in this situation to leave.

“When you have an issue with mold and you can’t address it then you do need to move out because mold is going to build up, mold builds up in your lungs,” Kibble said.

So, Scott listened and moved out. However, she withheld rent payments in November and December after the lab results came in. The apartment allowed her to choose a move out date but still filed an eviction. Now, Scott’s waiting on a court date.

“It’s like they don’t care about the tenants, they don’t care if we experience long terms issues from these problems from living here, they just don’t care,” Scott said.

ABC24 reached out to the apartment complex and the company that owns the property and did not immediately hear back.

A 2021 city council ordinance does say the owner of the building must handle fees and penalties if a code official determines a lead or mold hazard exists but never encourages tenants to withhold payment during the process.

If you or someone you know is dealing with a property issue like mold, be sure to:

  • Inform your landlord.
  • Document each time you notify your landlord.
  • Inform local code enforcement.
  • And, if you’re able to, have someone sample and test the mold for your safety.


Article Source: Woman forced out of Memphis apartment after months of mold | localmemphis.com