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How do I know if I need a mold inspection?

Water intrusion can cause buildings to emit an odor.  That odor may be compared to a deep earthy or musty smell.  Although the odor may not always be mold, at best, its an indicator that the conditions in your home or office have changed and its time to conduct an inspection.

Can Mold Cause Health Problems?

Depending on the individual mold may become an irritant or allergy trigger.  Often people will notice an odor and have allergy responses such as congestions, runny nose, itchy eyes, and possibly rashes.

Do we Provide a Free Mold Inspection?

Companies that often Provide a Free Mold Inspection are Associated with a Mold Removal Company.  These Companies Usually Hope to Find Mold in Your Home to Provide you With an Estimate for Mold Removal.

How do we Test for Mold, Asbestos, or Lead?

We use the Latest in Industry Practices to Identify Potential Contaminants in Your Environment.  We take Samples from Your Home and Submit them to the Laboratory for Analysis.  Turn around times could be as soon as 3hours to 2 business days.  Ask for more information today. .

Is a DIY Mold Test Kit the Same as a Professional Mold Inspection?

In Some Cases Sampling for Mold is Not Even Necessary and be skipped.  The Most Important Part of the Mold Inspection Process is the Physical Inspection that Identifies the Areas Impacted by Moisture, Areas Where Mold is Growing, and a Recommended Plan for Mold Removal Actions.  Contact Fun Guy to Learn More About Testing for Mold. . . .

How Much Does It Cost For A Mold Inspection?

Cost Will Vary Depending on the Size of Your Home, Total Number of Mold Samples, and the Turn Around Time for Your Mold Sample Laboratory Analysis.  Prices Often Range From $400 and more.  Learn More About Mold Inspection Pricing Today. . . 

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Fun Guy Inspection company sent out a very professional and qualified inspector (Robert) very quickly to my property with little lead time. I had had someone prior who didn’t do a thorough inspection and Fun Guy did an excellent inspection …. Kare K.  – Yelp!