Macabre Mushrooms: Ghouls of the Woods

Macabre Mushrooms: Ghouls of the Woods Thursday, October 29, 2020 | 6 p.m. Register for link to Zoom Webinar From bizarre appearances to odd sexual proclivities to digestive modes that are downright appalling, these tales will delight Halloween revelers and offend Victorian sensibilities. Hosted by Mycologist Christian

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How Water Condensation Can Lead to Black Mold

There’s a common misconception that mold growth in the home or office can only happen as a result of water damage, such as a broken pipe, flooding from weather, and so on.  This is simply not true.  While there is no doubt that water damage of thisRead more

Bacteria Inspections and Testing

Bacteria testing & Cleaning Water is the necessity of life. With that being said, humans, animals, plants, and many other biological organisms need water to grow, develop, and to thrive in life.  There are endless needs that require water, including agriculture, cleaning, gardening, chemistry, and more.  

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