Invasive Mold can cause aspergillosis

Early diagnosis, effective therapy vital for treatment of deadly invasive mold New guidelines focus on new treatments, early diagnosis of fungal infection The updated guidelines focus on the diagnosis and treatment of the major forms of aspergillosis: allergic, chronic and invasive, the latter which kills 40 percentRead more

CDC – Puerto Rico Zika Virus Outbreak

  Puerto Rico may be on the brink of a massive outbreak of Zika, a mosquito-borne virus which has been linked to birth defects, and cash is urgently needed, warned US health authorities on Thursday. Tom Frieden, the chief of the US Centers for Disease Control, told

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Porter Ranch Natural Gas Leak

Porter Ranch Natural Gas Leak Since the well began leaking Oct. 23, thousands of people in the Porter Ranch area say they have suffered headaches, nosebleeds, nausea and other symptoms from the escaping gas. The smell comes from an additive called mercaptan that is used to warn

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Chipolte and the Norovirus

Norovirus (bacteria) has sickened 80 Boston College students who ate at a nearby Chipotle restaurant, state health officials said Tuesday. “Initial testing conducted by the State Public Health has shown the presence of norovirus,” the health department said in a statement. Although many of the students said

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