Do you know what kind of qualifications a certified mold inspector should have to inspect, test, or clear your house of harmful molds to keep everyone safe within your home?  It may seem crazy but some people sign up for online class, buy a sampling pump, some swabs and then call them self a qualified professional.  These companies are popping up all the time and really put companies that love helping people at risk.  They often have lower standards, lack integrity, and usually don’t know how to address the different types of problems you may have in your home or office.

Believe it or not some mold inspectors receive their certification over 20 hours of coursework or within a 2-3 days class or online course. Then, they brag and call themselves a certified mold inspector that is now in your home, trying to find water intrusion and visible mold. There is a huge difference between the online version of a certified mold inspector and a certified mold inspector with years of experience.  Our certified mold inspectors have degrees in biology, and accredited certifications from the ACAC, with years of experience before they step foot on your home.


Understanding and reading data also becomes an integral part of the mold inspection process.  Lack of understanding will only cause undue panic and concern when an inexperienced professional begins to sample areas after disturbing mold.  False positives are very difficult to identify and will usually cost you or the mold inspection  company more time and more money.  The process of taking samples, explaining the data correctly, and providing real time understanding of the potential problems is important and can seldom be conveyed by a novice, or so called mold professional.

It seems ridiculous but nowadays, you can earn your certificate online, which isn’t a problem with most certificants.   With some mold inspectors and companies earning a certificated online within a short amount of time doesn’t allow you to get all the necessary tools, knowledge, and experience that you learn from getting a biology degree or receiving it from ACAC.

There are several different organizations that will provide individuals with a certificate including the mold inspection institute, nachi, and other similar institutions.  Many of these curriculums have similar course material and all provide you with a cute little badge to put on your website or mold reports.  Main difference between the courses is usually guided by the industry standards set by the IICRC and OSHA.  The ACAC is a well known organization that provides extensive reading materials and tests based on the current industry standards set forth by the industry professionals.   There are multiple Mold Inspection certifications that all require years of experience.  Whether that be two to eight years of experience, the certificate requires you to learn in the field with a qualified and competent person instead of relying completely on the computer screen.

Certified Mold Inspection Professionals who receive their ACAC’s have to show that they have experience within the field. When they show they have experience with mold, they have to pass an exam. They take it again every two years to make sure they still know the mold and damages, how to identify it correctly, and remove all of it for the safety of the people in the buildings.

The inspectors who received their knowledge from degrees and ACAC are qualified in their field and can assess the damage that has been done and can help your home become healthy and safe to live there.

Just because the inspector you see online might show that they have the qualifications with a certificate or badge, it may not mean they will know how diagnose, test, recommend clean up procedures and ensure all of the mold is found within your home.  The online mold inspector relies on a fancy website and cute little quotes to make you feel good and think that you have discovered a quality company.  Every inspection is different and unique.  Not all water damage and mold growth conditions are the same and therefore the protocol for inspection and mold remediation changes.  Inexperienced professional will try to cover up the true science of mold inspections  with fast talking, because the really don’t know how to explain the problems or recommend the proper mold removal for your unique situation. There could be a spot that was missed because they don’t have a system or protocol to look in areas where moisture isn’t present and in areas where pipes and drains may not be located in your home.

Mold Inspection companies are popping up all the time.  Including the mold inspection professional that is also completing mold removal.  In the water damage and mold industry this is really considered a conflict of interest.  The two professional designations are kept separate to ensure that you, the homeowner, is protected against the false claims a untrustworthy company may make telling you that you have mold.  Mold removal companies will often offer online a free mold inspection.  Usually this company is only hoping to find work in your home and try to claim you have mold when you may not.  The importance of using a certified mold inspection company with years of experience will save you time and money versus choosing a fly by night company with a catchy name.

As in any industry, experience matters.  Especially when it comes to inspecting homes.  There are so many nooks and crannies that need to be inspected during a home mold inspection.  If the person who is looking at your home is not qualified, it can become a real problem and cause you costly delays in time. The cost can add up if the unexperienced inspector uses the incorrect methods or tools. It shouldn’t be a risk homeowners take when searching for a qualified mold inspectors in Valencia, Santa Clarita, or Los Angeles. In the end, the best outcome is to have someone with years of experience and knowledge working with you, your home, and your family.

There are many different molds, as there are different ways to test and remove the mold as well. Mold is a very dangerous contaminate in your home. It can damage not only your house but your health as well. It can grow anywhere, and everywhere. Leaving it untreated can become a serious threat to everything in the house. Certified Mold Inspectors will know each of the different molds, what degraded air quality consists of, and would come up with a way to provide a scope of work and help you eliminate the problem.

TIP #1

If a mold inspector can not explain the mold results to you consider contacting another professional.  You deserve to know and understand the contents in you lab samples and the status of your home.

TIP #2

here may be some circumstances where the homeowner believes their house is in perfect shape. Certified mold inspections are a necessity when buying a home. Never take a homeowner’s word if they tell you that their house has never had a problem with water damage or mold, and they had an inspection there already.  Ask for a mold inspection report or consider hiring your own mold inspector that is qualified to take a look at the house.

Tip #3

If the homeowner said they have taken care of the problem already, consider asking them for a written mold report or scope of work from a mold removal company.  Not every situation requires a mold inspection or mold testing.  If you would like a second opinion, feel free to contact us.

When looking for the inspector for your home, you need to do your research. Some will price low and may have experience but will not know how to treat everything. Others, the ones with the accredited certificates, will have the experience, the knowledge, and the tools to help your home become water damaged and mold free. Where do you find such a place? Contact Fun Guy Mold Inspection & Testing in Santa Clarita/Valencia and we will help you with your home.

In the end, the knowledge from their degrees and accredited certificates, along with working in the field for many years, is much greater than those who simply received their certificate only from a website within two days. They will have the correct tools and know what it is they are searching for, making their time worth it. Having the knowledge and experience makes them more qualified than those who do not, to inspect homes for mold or water damage.

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